Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Share and Tell

We got a note from T's preschool last Monday letting us know that they were going to start doing Share and Tell, one child at a time. When they sent a bag home, we were to help our child pick out a non-toy to share. The kids would be asked to say three things about what they were sharing. So, last Friday, T brought home a pillow case with a drawstring in it, and proudly told me that he was going to be the first one to share....

Fast forward to Monday at lunch time, when M and T took me on a "lunch date" and M whispered to me "ask T about Share and Tell." YIKES! I immediately remembered that we completely forgot about it!! So, I said to T:

Me: T, what happened at share and tell?
T: I shared; I told.
Me: Oh...what did you share and tell about?
T: Air.
Me: Air?
T: Yeah, I talked about air.
Me: Wow. What did you say about air?
T: I said, 'This is air. You need it to breathe. It's air. The end."

Me: That's great.
T: Yeah, I know.

I was so impressed with his flexability and improv on the spot! Most four year-olds would cry or pitch a fit or say that they forgot! Not my creative T! No way...he shared about air.

Later on in the lunch, I spotted on T's wrist the friendship bracelet that he made over the weekend. I said, Hey, you could have shared the friendship bracelet. He said, "Why? I shared air?"



v-party of five said...

I'm so proud of him too!! That is very hard to come up with something to say. Especially being the first one. Talk about coming out of his shell. Way to go! And of course everyone needs to know about air. Hee hee I love it!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Unbelievable! I know I would have been crying as I was sitting in the circle on the rug!

gramonthelake said...

You named him right.....TF. I must say it sounds a little like Irish Baloney to me.
I'm still laughing out loud.

SeattleS said...

10 for creativity! Yeah! I remember getting caught in high school where we were supposed to bring something that "encapsulated" ourselves: I 'brought' procrastination. Sheesh!

GreatAuntieP said...

A pretty confident little four year old I must say!! I'll bet his teaacher was impressed. Way to go little T!