Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Day At The Farm and Corn Maze

When my sis was in town last weekend, we went to a local farm for a day. It's fun to see how these farmers are creating profitable attractions for visitors. I know farming isn't an easy vocation and I like to see the creativity they each have. Anyway, this one has a u-pick apples (which we're going to go back to do), a corn maze, a cute barn store full of tasty and cute items, a wagon ride, and a little kids playground area. We went mainly for the maze (my quest is to do all corn mazes within a 70 mile radius of our house this fall -- I think there are three of them). Last year when we went to a corn maze, there were triva questions at each juncture. If you answered it correctly, it told you the correct way to go. If you answered it incorrectly, it told you the wrong way to go.

At this maze, there was nothing. No questions, no hints, not even a clue as to where you were supposed to exit! It was ridiculious!! But we had fun.

R and T didn't know which way to go...

M, with his boy scout training and smart brain, began droping kernels of corn to mark our way (how hansel and gretle of him!) so we would know if we were just walking in circles. The boys had fun, we had to keep telling R to wait for us because he would run ahead to see what was around the bend and we couldn't see him. Once I realized that we might be there awhile, I stopped drinking my tasty fresh apple cider in case M would need some glucose out there...I was a bit worried. But, never fear, with M's leadership, we made it out! And we were so proud, man!!

And now for laughs, here's me and my sis as scarecrows...kinda scary!


CaliforniaGrammy said...

What a fun day - I've never "done" a corn maze - will they still be around in another month, probably, maybe we can do one when we get there! I love the puzzled looks on the boys face . . . and I love seeing Jen there have a great time with her sistah!

GreatAuntieP said...

Good to catch up on your blogs, I've missed having that time. How great for you and Jen to have a weekend together!

v-party of five said...

What a great time indeed. I love getting my "farm fixes" whenever I can. It was so much fun to see R be so confident that this one was it on each and every corner. M was very smart leaving the corn. I enjoyed eating the dried corn. Very chewy. Didn't know how long it would take so I figured I'd get nourishment somehow.