Monday, September 05, 2005

Fun Times at Shady Shores

A friend of my from California has relatives in the Midwest who own a group of seven cottages on a lake. We just got back from a fun trip visiting with them. I'm too pooped to blog much, but I'll think of a few highlights:
  • Great food! BBQs to the max - burgers, dogs, steak, Greek Chicken, corn -- yum!
  • The boys body surfing on the lake because the wind was so high that it made waves.
  • Flying a kite and tying it to the chair on the beach to float in the breeze as it wanted to.
  • Being served breakfast by all the kids; giving them tips; and taking them to get ice cream cones (doubles!) with the tip money.
  • Watching the boys learn how to play poker with the other kids.
  • Bonfires every night.
  • Looking for shooting stars - and admiring the Miky Way every night.
  • Drinking great wine and tasty coolers.
  • Walking out as far as you could and still be on the sand bar, with the water only up to my knees.
  • Sleeping in the adorable two-bedroom cabin with the family.
  • Playing fooz-ball with R in the main cabin (and him beating me each time!)

That gives you a good taste of the weekend for now. Photos to come later...


CaliforniaGrammy said...

What a blast! I was telling your dad that I better S and family are out camping this weekend . . . being Labor Day making it a long weekend. Can't wait to see some pictures. It just sounds like a perfect getaway for a hard-working-woman and her precious family. I don't think I know this friend who has relatives who have the cabins on Shady Shores, do I . . . or is my memory failing me again? What would Greek chicken be . . . seasoned with Greek spices and grilled??? I love the idea of tip-money treating for ice cream cones! And I want to play the boys to teach me how to play poker in October.

v-party of five said...

Wow! What a great connection to have. That sounds like tons of fun! The food sounds delicious ( I LOVE FOOD). Sounds like lots of memory makers for the boys. Can't wait to see the pictures.

gramonthelake said...

Nothin' like a cottage in MI.
This is what family memories are made of!
So happy you all had a great time. xoxoG&G