Sunday, September 11, 2005

Ear Update

Whaddaya's allergies and not a cold.

I went to the Urgent care ( yes, that place that I hate) but actually had a good experience! I was seen by a nurse practitioner (I love nurse practitioners -- much more realistic and down to earth than doctors, in general). He said are you allergic to ragweed? I said that I was (as you all remember!) but that these symptoms were completely different. I told him that my eyes weren't itchy and watery...and besides, R has an ear infection and we've been sick with the same cold for two weeks.

Hmmmm...he said as he was looking in all of the orifices on my head. Well, he said, your nasal passage looks like you have allergies.....and your ears look like you have allergies....and your throat looks like you have allergies....I'm fairly confident that you have allergies. Then, he said, do you also have spring allergies? Nope, I told him, I didn't have any spring allergies...But wait, I said...there was that cold that lasted for five weeks last April.

He just smiled.

Evidently, I have allergies.

Why am I surprised? I was allergic to pollen growing up, so why not these midwestern plants too?
(Note: When he asked me if I had any Fall allergies and I said 'no', T corrected me and said, "you're allergic to cats, mom!"

He prescribed what he calls the "triple whammy" -- steroids (Prednizone) for five days to block any new ragweed and golden rod from getting into my system, a "turbo sudifed" and nasal spray. He said that after two weeks, I'll be under control and will only need the nasal spray until the first hard frost (now that's not something you hear in California.)

Anyway, I feel alot better. I'm just a little stuffed up and my ear is just a little bit clogged.

I'm beggining to think that R has allergies too and it turned into an ear infection. His nose runs evertime he's outside (it has all his life -- since he could run around a playground.) But, we'll deal with that later at his annual exam with our new pediatrician.

By the way, we finally do have a pediatrician. And we have appointments for both boys (thanks to the deadline given by T's preschool -- ya gotta love deadlines.}

Now on my doctor To Do list, I need appointments for:
  • Eye doctor for me (no, I still haven't gone)
  • Eye doctor for M (to check on that thing that was not intrusive but needs to be watched)
  • General check up for me
  • General check up for M
  • Dentist for all four of us
  • Gynee for me (unless I do the general check up first, then all can be covered there)
  • Endocronologist for M

Whew! If I just get two of those checked off my list this week I'll be happy.

I'll be even more happy on Friday night when my SISTER COMES TO VISIT :> :> :> :> :>


v-party of five said...

YAHOOEEEYYY!!! Not that you have allergies...but that Friday is almost here. I can't wait!

I'm sorry to hear that you have allergies, but that makes soo much sense given that horrible stuffy cold you had for soo long last spring. Maybe now there is a remedy that will work and won't make it last for so long.

Your right, it does sound like R has allergies too. Poor boy.

(Side note.. Could you please ask M to email the flight info again when he can. P seemed to have accidently trashed it. :( Thanks!)

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Sounds like the Smith family is finally getting the medical attention they deserve! I guess with your ears, and your throat, and your nasal passage all looking like you have allergies . . . seems like a good sign to me, too, that you must have allergies. I'm so glad it's allergies because it just seems like they can treat them and the symptoms will go away. I sure hope so. You mean, little R's nose will now stop running? Won't that be nice! Poor little guy. Will he have to take a daily medication? Do you know what he's allergic to or I guess they have to test him for various things to figure that one out! Duh!

That little "T" doesn't miss a thing "You're allergic to cats, mom!" Good thing he was there to keep you on your toes.

Now when is the "first hard frost" and what IS a HARD frost? Geeze . . . gotta learn so much stuff in the midwest!

gramonthelake said...

A visit from your sister? How wonderful. I know how much you miss her. Wishing you a marvelous time together. Being such a dry summer, I've heard allergies are worse than ever for many. Sorry you're one of them. xoxoG&G

SeattleS said...

I agree with Californiagrammy - allergies seem to be so much more manageable!

How cool is that that you guys get a visit!! That is the same time that we will be visited by your mom - quite the family weekend, eh? Yeah!!