Thursday, May 27, 2010

Poetry Slam Finalist - The Poem

Here's the poem that R recited at his Poetry Slam, in which he was a finalist.

Iron Chef America

Iron Chef America,
You really can't be serious
The secret ingredient isn't sooo mysterious.

Iron Chef America,
I really don't care
For the Chairman's flipping out
In his sleek black wear.

Iron Chef America,
It's really kind of freaky
How all of your judges
Are all so food-geeky.

Iron Chef America,
What's wrong with this world?
You make cooking so bizarre, twisted, and swirled.

Although he makes fun of this show, it's one that he really likes. He even records it each week. He loves the competition and the interesting dishes. (He does think, however, that the Chairman is a bit dramatic...and he can't believe that there are so many non-chef, cooking experts in the world to judge.) If you've never watched Iron Chef, you should check it out....and think of R.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Haiku Time

If you recall, when R was in 3rd grade, he studied haikus and we had a little poetry slam here on my blog. Well, T is at that point in his education too. Here is his haiku:

The Sea

Dolphins jump and play

Sting Rays gracefully glide by

Pretty coral reefs

So, your assignment is to write a haiku in my comments section. Go for it. It's fun !

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Poem

The boys baked a frittata using a recipe that they found in R's Star Wars cook book. They were so cute, working together. They didn't need any help from M or me. They're growing up so fast!

We're going to see a BNL concert this week, which is my mother's day gift and M's father's day gift. They boys get to go with us - luckys!

T wrote this at school for me for Mother's Day:

M most pretty
O outstanding in every way
T talented at everything
H honestly fun
E exciting
R really cool
S smart

D de best (you gotta love his creativity on this one!)
A awesome
Y you are great!