Friday, September 23, 2005

Queen for a Day

I'm back in town.

I was supposed to leave my conference at 1 pm and get home at 6 pm, but after missing my family and checking the agenda for the conference, I decided that I didn't need to attend this morning's sessions. So, I woke up at 4:15 (ugh!) and headed to the airport to catch an earlier flight. I had checked online last night and saw that the 6 am flight was wide open, and that there was a 6:50 flight only half full. I figured that I could get on one of those.

I did, but barely.

The 6:50 was cancelled and those passengers were called the night before and told to come get on the 6:00 flight. I waited in a terribly long line (especially for 5:00 in the morning!) and was told that there was only one seat left. Great! I said, I only need one seat. Well, in order to hold it, the ticket agent said, you'll have to pay a fee. She said this with a sad look on her face. Uh I quietly asked, what's the fee?? (praying that it wasn't the difference between my ticket and the current price...which would be an unachievable $400 and also praying that it wasn't the $100 fee they charge for changing your flight on the phone.) I held my breath....She said, 25 dollars. $25! :> :> :> no problem, $25 to get on a plane and not have to wait for 7 hours in the airport...why that's less than four bucks an hour. Count me in!

So I got home at noon instead of six tonight, much to the delight of M and T (who were home at the time) and R (who got home a few hours later). T decided that I should be a queen and proceeded to get out paper, scissors, tape, and markers (the necessary requirements of all good art projects.)

He asked me what name I wanted on a royal name tag that he was making and I said "S....". He said I couldn't use my real name and I needed to pick another. So I picked "Sue", my middle name. He didn't like that either, so he said, I'll pick a beautiful name for me. So he made me a name tag that reads...

Queen Rowala Diamond

He got help on the spelling, but the name is all his. I don't know where he got that name, but he is very proud of it. "Isn't it beautiful?" he said. Yes it is, I said, proudly wearing the paper crown and nametag, with a very warm feeling in my heart.

It's nice to be home....and it's nice to be queen :>


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Oh Queen Rowala Diamond . . . your majesty! What a wonderfully heart-warming story . . . I can see his smile as he crowned you! Lucky you to have such an adoring family!

A.J. said...

Yo! Queen Ro! Welcome home!

That's how songs are made. That's how "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" was written. Maybe we can come up with something. Gotta love that story!

gramonthelake said...

Happy to hear the Queen has arrived home early & safely. What a regal welcoming T gave you. No wonder you miss them so much when you are a way from home.

SeattleS said...

How sweet! I wonder where Rowala came from? Very poetic.
I love it when I can get on an earlier flight - especially if you have to squeeze on or run to the gate: it is even MORE satisfying!

v-party of five said...

What an early morning. But I'm sure it was worth it. I love how you were able to get on so reasonably!!

What a very beautiful name R came up with. It sounds very royal. I can picture you all decked out in diamonds too!