Thursday, June 12, 2008


In October, we got both boys' eyes checked. R needed a new prescription for his glasses and T's eyes checked out okay. It was T's first appointment ever and we wanted to make sure that he didn't have the same problem that R did. T has a slight astigmatism, but nothing to worry about. Fast forward to April....within two weeks, T complained about a headache twice, and then finally said that things were blurry when he reads.
Three days later, we had him back at the eye doctor and it turns out that he also needs glasses for "up close work." It's not his astigmatism that's the problem, it's that his eyes have grown and changed and now needs glasses. So, he and M picked up some very snazzy glasses. M came home and told me that they were "trendy." Not sure what trendy means for kids glasses, but they are a cool shape and very blue. The pictures don't really show the color well (I'll have to take another picture in daylight.) Here they are as he was reading "If you give a Moose A Muffin" to me:

I asked R to put on his glasses so you can see both of them in their glasses glory. (I really do need to take a picture in the daylight; that flash isn't good. But you get the idea, right?)

After dinner, R asked if he could go outside and read. A bit later, T joined him with his box of pastels and pastel paper. What a great sight for a mom to peak out at! It's not too often that these boys are both quiet at the same time :>

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Haiku revisited

The boys are bringing home a lot of things from school since it's the last week before summer vacation. R brought home something that he "published" (it was a poem he wrote that his teacher selected for R to type up on the computer. She put the finished poem on the wall at school.) Here it goes:

by R. Smith
Shady, oh so nice
Soft moss is under my feet
I feel a fresh breeze.

Nice, huh?!