Sunday, July 25, 2010

A New Room!

R and T used to share rooms, but now they don't. They each have their very own rooms. Each was given a budget ($100, but was supplemented a bit) to decorate their rooms any way they wanted to. Today's blog is about T's room.

He is very proud of his room and is very comfortable in it. I love his sense of style -- and he has a definite sense of style. He is quite sure about what he wants and what he doesn't. I've shopped with him on-line and off quite a bit and I have a pretty good feeling for what he's going to like. He likes clean, modern lines. Nothing old fashioned, nothing with too much going on. But he does like bright colors. I took a bunch of pictures so you can see what I mean.

First, his wall color. It's orange. Really, really orange. I was opposed at first and tried to convince him to just have an accent wall of orange. But, if you've ever tried to convince T of something, you know that this didn't work out so well (especially if you initially told him that he could do whatever he wanted in his room!) He paid for the first gallon of paint out of his 100 bucks, and M and I paid for the second gallon when the first coat didn't cover up the previous color so well. (By the way, T is in M's old office. M moved his office to the basement.)

I still am having trouble uploading images that I have rotated, so you'll have to tilt your head to the side to see this one correctly. T picked out the bedding at Target and immediately fell in love with it. He loves how it incorporates his nice orange color "without being too girly" like some of the other orange-ish comforters. Notice the nice poster on the wall? That's a $12 IKEA purchase from when we went to Chicago a couple of weeks ago.

T picked out the lovely bright green curtains to compliment his walls and comforter set. I just love these bright colors. He got the curtains out of his budget, but supplemented it to get the cute black mini-papazon chair. He just discovered the green blanket in our garage this morning that he draped over the chair before our photo session. In the corner is that tall Japanese light that he got at IKEA for something like nine bucks. The boy knows how to work a budget.

M and I bought him the dresser. This was a garage sale find, after many, many garage sales. This is a good example of the clean lines that he likes. He bought the Beatles poster online. He was just going to pin it to the wall because he ran out of money, but I wanted it framed to look like art and to protect it, so I popped for the frame. The light fixture on the dresser was back in a corner in his old playroom, and was never used. He was pretty stoked to find it.

Tilt your head for viewing...Finally, his storage unit. M and I were going to buy each boy a bookcase, but T wanted this cube unit, so this replaces his bookcase. You'll see the caricature of him fencing that he bought at an amusement park as well as his prized pine wood derby trophies (right next to his big jar of plastic army men). His school supplies for the fall are in the bottom right corner. I have no idea what's in the colorful boxes because I didn't look.

Here he is in his favorite corner. You may notice notice the electric guitar. He saved up his money (most of it from a garage sale that he had) and bought it with his own money. I'm trying to arrange lessons for him that will start soon. I mentioned that his shirt matched his room. He said that he didn't plan to match, but it would look good on the blog.

T paid attention to every detail, including his alarm clock. He picked this one out because of the black and white art on it. The design is a replaceable card that can be exchanged with four different prints that came with it.

Despite his grownup room and his great sense of design, it's good to remember that he's still a kid, or a "tween" as he likes to call himself.