Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Forgive me, but our computer was attacked by a Trojan spy...or something like that....and I haven't had web access for a couple of weeks. We're back up now, after many, many, computer scans and upgrading of our Norton Utilities and Spy Sweeper, and two other programs that I can't think of their names.

So, Thanksgiving, remember that holiday? Now that it's the middle of December, it seems like a long time ago. We went to M's folks house and had a lovely Thanksgiving with his family. U.D.#2 was there for Thanksgiving and U.D. #1 and J came over on Friday and spent the weekend. There was lots of good food, lots of Pegs and Jokers games and lots of fun. Here's the weekend in pictures...

R was getting pretty hungry on T-Day, but he patiently waited at the table, hoping someone would take pity on him and serve him some food. (You'd think he hadn't had breakfast, lunch, and snacks during the day!) Notice the "nice shirt" that he packed for the occasion. I told the boys to go upstairs and get a "nice shirt - one with buttons and a collar." He came downstairs with two -- one that he knew I'd approve of and his Cub Scout shirt. I surprised the beegeesess out of him when I gave the Cub Scout shirt a thumbs up. (If I had that many patches on my shirt, I'd want to show it off too -- patches can be seen better in picture below.)

The boys always have fun playing with U.D#2 whenever we see him. He's a very fun uncle for two rough-housing boys. He also teaches them things about Star Wars, architecture, history, science, and the meaning of life.

We spent some time at the park on Friday with Gram. She had a lot of fun with the boys. Here, she's playing with T on the teeter-totter, trying to make T go up really high.

Just for being so patient waiting for my next blog posting, here's a little treat for you. It's a Christmas card photo that landed on the cutting room floor, but is darn cute if I must say. (I told the boys to put on a sweater, any sweater they wanted to put on. They both came down with the home-made Irish fisherman's sweater that Great Gramma Pete made for them -- the same ones they wore in last year's Christmas card picture. I figured, what the heck? They love the sweaters and the sweaters have a lot of meaning, so they're back for an encore!)