Monday, May 12, 2008

One-Man Band

At dinner tonight, T said to me: "Mom, I made a one-man band today with two instruments."
Me: Cool. What instruments did you play?
T: The bongo drums and accordion.
Me(trying to picture this): Wow! How did you do that? Did you play the bongos with your feet?
T: No, I had my arms around the bongo drums, with my hands holding the accordion.
Me (still trying to picture how this works): So, did you play the bongos with your head?
T: No, I played the bongo drum with the accordion! It worked great!

Ahhh, I should have thought of that.

Note on a completely different subject: Thin plastic cutting boards don't work as a baking sheet protector in the oven, even if it looks just like the baking sheet protector you own. It just melts in the oven and stinks up to high heaven.