Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Biz Trip

I'm getting ready for four weeks of business trips -- 2 nights this week, one night next, and two nights away the next two weeks. YIKES. I shouldn't complain becuase I haven't traveled since June, and February before that. M is gearing up for it and has babysitters lined up one night each trip so he gets a break. Smart man. R is fine -- "it's only two nights mom, that's not bad at all." T tears up and gave me hundreds of kisses when I put him to bed. Awwwhhh...

My sister visited me this weekend and we had a BLAST. I'll post more on that when I get back (with pics). Here's some catch-up thoughts.
  • I've only made half of the medical appointments I need to...but HEY, that's four appointments I made. Not Bad.
  • T is liking ice skating now. He's still on buckets, but should be off soon. He can shuffle half way across the ice without the buckets. I think he likes the snacks afterward the best. The one day he quit after 15 minutes, he didn't get snacks. He's played ever since...might be a correlation!
  • R is doing amazingly well at skating. In addition to the skating drills, he's even playing hockey a bit...and made a goal once! His heart is in it and he's a coaches dream. What an attitude that boy has. You would not believe how red, hot and sweaty he is after practice...his shirt is drenched and he has sweat rolling down his face, accompanied by a huge smile! He sure doesn't take after his mom there!
  • M took T to Michaels to get his very own paint and art supplies today. He's in heaven!
  • I thought of two more sayings in the biz world that drive me crazy: "Reach out" as in "I'll reach out to Brenda and ask her to take care of that." What ever happened to the word "call?" The other one is "Have a dialogue" What ever happened to simple "talk"???? Crazy world I work in!
  • My allergies are under control. As of three days ago, my ears, eyes, nose, and throat are all A-OK. Remember, I'll be taking a nasal spray twice a day until the first hard frost!
  • R seems much better until he's overtired, then he says that he feels sick. He goes to the doctor in November for a check up. We'll ask about allergies.
  • We haven't taken out Yankee Doodle since THE EVENT.....timing just hasn't been right. M and I agreed that we need to take it out before we put it away for the winter. Stay tuned on that front.

That's it for now! If you feel like it, reach out to me so we can have a dialogue.


A.J. said...

Great news that your nose, throat, etc. are better. Good stuff in that nose spray I guess! And gives you a reason to look forward to the first hard frost?

Would love to see the boys on the ice. Maybe we can get some photos of that some time on the blog!

Thanks for the update, looking forward to hearing about your blast of a weekend with your sis.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

I'm reaching out from Winchester Bay to have a dialogue with you . . . but you're probably on a trip . . . oh but wait, it's Friday - you're probably home getting ready for the weekend. We're have lots of fun catching crab and there is a teckeee kind of guy camped "two doors down" who has a wi-fi set up so we can use his broadband set up - way cool! Good to touch base with you, though. Glad your allergies are under control. Love you . . . and love to hear the stories about the kids. Can't wait to see the ice hockey practice and paint with the artist in the family!

gramonthelake said...

Just love your blogs, they keep us up to date with the whole family.Thanks S, you rock
xoxox G & G