Saturday, October 01, 2005

Breakfast Conversation

I made eggs, toast, and bacon for breakfast this morning. R polished everything on his plate pretty quickly. T ate his eggs (and then some) and most of his toast. R, upon seeing that T was slowing down, said to T "can I have that piece of toast with honey on it?" T said, "sure you can. here you go." R got it and said, "Honey toast! Prepare for your doom!" and quickly took a bite.

Life with boys...such testoserone-driven drama.


gramonthelake said...

Guy talk...gotta luv it!
Isn't it unreal how early in life
they pick that stuff up? Most of all what a great start to any guys day; eggs, bacon & honey toast. Great job mom. Gee, now I'm sooo hungry for honey toast.
xoxo mother of 4 guys

GA Shoodie said...

Cute little guy stories, they keep you going don't they? I hope we get to see them this Christmas...and you guys too, of course, you are surrounded by testosterone... girlfriend must make you savor those girl moments, like when your sister visits.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Who woulda thought about a food's doom? Girls just don't think that way! Sure got a chuckle about that one . . . I'll never be able to eat honey toast again without saying "Prepare for your doom!"

v-party of five said...

Too funny. Prepare for your doom...ha!! I love the things that they come up with. And it is so funny to me the different tastes that they develop. T with the eggs and R with the bread. Very funny indeed!

GreatAuntieP said...

These table conversations are my favorite. They really let you know alot about their little personalities, especially so long distance as they are. How sweet of Tommy to share his honey toast so willingly.