Monday, January 21, 2008

Trojan Spy Returns!

Remember how excited I was about five weeks ago that we got rid of that Trojan Spy that hacked into our computer? Well, I was a bit premature on that excitement. We have that darn spy out of our computer, after four weeks in repair, with a new hard drive, and new spyware and firewall that won't load on. I'm really not supposed to be online right now, because another darn hacker would be able to get into our computer because we can't load on the spyware. M has spent hours upon hours with the tech support (in India, like all the rest of them these days) and has not been able to get it done. So, I have to be fast today.

I have tons to catch up on and I won't even try now. I'l just tell you about today (sans pictures, because we're keeping our pc "clean" until we're all set up properly.) Today is a holiday for MLK, which as R describes, "was a great leader who helped civil rights. That means that all people are treated the same, no matter what.)

It will be about 10 degrees for the high today, and colder than that for the low.

R got a Star Wars cook book from his Aunt J (my sistah) for Christmas and he wanted to use it today. And used it we have! For breakfast R and I cooked Forceful Frittata and Handmaiden Hash Browns. He read the directions, got the ingredients out, mixed it up, and put it in the oven...basically, everthing except take it out of the oven. That meant peeling potatos, grating potatos, cracking eggs, measuring milk, and so on. He did a good job. I made bacon to go with it.

T was in charge of lunch. He got out his own kids cook book, looked through it, then pulled out R's Star Wars cook. He ended up making Darth Double Dogs and Sith Slush -- can you tell which book he ended up using?

As you Star Wars fans know, Darth Vader has a double light saber -- it's two sided. So, the Darth Double dogs meant that we had to take a wooden skewer, break it in half, and put a hot dog on each side of it -- double dog! Then you were supposed to take refridgerater cresent roll dough and cover the middle part to make the handle -- voila! We didn't have the cresent roll dough, but we did have refridgerator pizza dough and it worked like a charm.

THe Sith Slush ingredients included 7-Up, fruit juice, and pureed blueberries and/or blackberries. The boys loved them and said it made them feel like it was a hot day outside -- gotta love those imaginations when it was 5 degrees at the time!

That's the day so far...I'm sure Martin Luther King would be proud...we treat all Star Wars characters equally :>