Monday, July 30, 2007

T's Future Plans

T and I were having another one of our heart-to-heart talks, which have been happening frequently lately. We had just gotten back from a tourist town that had beautiful flowers everywhere and had lots of tourist things to do.

T said: I love that town. When I grow up I want to live there.
Me: That would be great. What would you do for work there?
T: Oh, I'd be a stay-at-home-dad and just play with my kids.
Me: Cool. Hey, I thought you wanted to be a pilot and an inventor.
T: Oh yeah, after the kids are in college, I'll be a pilot. I can invent things anytime. I just love that town and want to live there.
Another thing about T: he has an obsession with my breasts. He likes to pet them, sometimes "accidentally" sometimes on purpose. If we're sitting next to each other, he'll lean over and kiss one -- like it was the closest thing to kiss. This has been going on for a couple of months, but has increased in frequency lately (I think because of my recent business travels.) I was just ignoring, figuring it would stop, but now with the increased attention "the girls" are getting, I've started telling him that those are mom's privates and he shouldn't touch them. He's now just doing the "accidental" brushing of them -- which I'm sure is good practice for when he's a teenager.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Warms My Soul

Tonight T and I were making deviled eggs to go with our dinner. He loves them and is a pretty good help with making them. As we were mashing up the yolks,
he said: Mom, I love being with you.
Me: I like being with you too, T
T: I said I LOVE being with you
Me: Oh, I love being with you too, is that better?
T, with a big smile: Yeah, that makes my soul feel better!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Check This off The List

I neglected to post this cool picture of R taking the hook out of his fish. You can check that off the list of the "things you need to do to prove that you're growing up". I love the look on our freind's face -- I can just hear her thinking, "EEuuuww, you're TOUCHING it!"

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The cottage life is a good life!

We stayed at a cottage on a lake for a whole week and had a blast. We had lots of boats there -- sail boats, kayaks, and even a motor boat that pulled tubes. There was also a lot of fishing going on there. I had my scrapbookingall set up for the whole week and even got some pages done. (I think I got about 20 pages done -- I'm up to the summer of 2005 now.) This cottage had no tv and no phone -- it was truly an escape even though it was only an hour from our house. We stayed with another family who has an 8 year-old girl and a 10 year-old boy. It's never totally easy sharing space with another family, but we did pretty well. (This cottage has two suites upstairs -- each with three bedrooms and one full bathroom.)
It was so nice just to wake up and see the beautiful lake sparkling out the window and have nothing to decide except what fun thing to do that day. We all got a good dose of fresh air, nice sun, and lots of time in the water. Here are some pictures so you can feel like you were there too :>

At first T wasn't so sure about baiting his own hook, but that's the rules -- you gotta dig deep and figure out how to bait your own hook.

Then he got the hang of it and didn't mind stabbing that squiggling worm to death!

He caught the biggest fish of the day - a catfish. He also caught about 15 sunfish and blue gills that day. It was all catch and release.

I can't believe how ugly that thing was!

R wasn't allowed to have his Nintendo DS with him on the trip, but he could bring his Leapster because it's educational. He looks pretty good chillin out on the wicker divan, doesn't he?

M and the boys having fun on the lake. R's kayaking in my kayak, while T jumps off of the float.

I asked R to smile so I could take a picture and this is what I got. What a ham!

T was pretty good at kayaking considering the paddle is way to big for him.

M and the boys fishing off the pier. Just hangin' with the boys.

This is my scrapbooking table all set up in the sun porch, with the beautiful lake for a view while I scrapped.

We had great weather, with beautiful blue skies and 80 degrees everyday, except one day of off and on rain. It was wonderful to watch the storm across the lake. Check out the sunset behind the thunder-clouds.