Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Surfer Boy

R had a great time "surfing" on the lake when we were at the cottage. The "surfboard" is the board of a wind sufboard. My friend, Kevin, spent some time with R, helping him get up and then giving him a gentle push. R figured that he was a pro because of all of his practice in the creek with Uncle Rick back in California. Needless to say, he had a great time -- and provided some entertainment to those of us on the beach in the peanut gallery.

Note: R just came in and saw this blog entry and broke into a huge grin. He said, "Mom, next time we got there, I'm gonna do this move" and started to wiggle his hips, with his arms out and his knees bent (one in front of each other.) And then he said, "you should bring your video camera next year because I'm going to be great."


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Don't ya just hate getting SPAM blog comments . . . I mean really. I love the little surfer pictures . . . and I can picture him with his little hips wiggling just like Uncle Rick probably does! Uncle Rick's gonna love this post too . . . thanks Kevin for the great lessons!

A.J. said...

Yeah! Fabulous photos, can't wait to show Uncle Rick, he's gonna LOVE them!!!
I, myself, got a little teary-eyed.

First day of harvest, yipee! Gotta go help today.

Have a great weekend with yo sista!

v-party of five said...

Way to go R...Way to go!! That looks like a lot of fun. You are a pro. Yeah Uncle R for teaching you at the creek. Look at that balance Yoo hoo!!

gramonthelake said...

No surprise, after all he is our California Boy! Surf's Up, Hang Ten Dude! We think R is a natural athlete. It's great to have an Uncle Rick. Tears came to our eyes because he looks so grown up.
xoxo G & G

A.J. said...

Uncle Rick, what do YOU have to say?

"You should be out here, dude! Biggest south swell of the season on it's way. I could push you into one at Anchor Bay!"

SeattleS said...

I love the "bring the video camera, cause I'm gonna be great!" comment!