Wednesday, August 31, 2005

He's Got a Big Heart

At our wedding reception, Uncle B told my parents that M has a big heart. And he sure is right...

We, like you I'm sure, have been watching the devastation of that darn hurricane on New Orleans. It's a terrible, horrible, really bad mess (to quote a kids' book). All those people without houses, water, clothes, and food.

Last night M asked me if it was okay if we took in some hurricane victims who needed a place to stay. He figured that we could turn over our office and guest room to a family in need. Sure, I said. Of course.

Today he called me at work and asked if it was okay with me if we donated our tent trailer to a family who was suddenly homeless. Well, we were hoping to keep the camper one more summer, but how could I say no to a family that is suddenly homeless....Sure, I said.

Now, I know that neither of these ideas will come to fruition -- there are a lot of logistical issues to deal with. So, our donation to Red Cross will probably be it for us. But I LOVE that he thinks this way.

Uncle B hit the nail on the head.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Uncle B was right indeed! M has a huge heart! God blessed him with a big heart so that he, in turn, could be a blessing to you and the kids!

gramonthelake said...

As Grandma Z used to say...
"M, you are special!"
We love you too, Mom & Dad

v-party of five said...

It truly is devastating what is going on in New Orleans and Mississippi. It takes many big hearts to help in this situation. How wonderful that M's first instinct and thoughts are to help out. That's awesome!