Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Size Matters

While T was skating last Saturday (for that brief amount of time that he was on the ice) M noticed that the blades on his skates looked too big for him. He was "pushing buckets" (see my blog from last January about R on buckets) and had a hard time getting close enough to the buckets to be effective.
You see, T couldn't fit in his skates from last year, so we had him in R's old skates (with two pairs of socks). His wide feet seemed to fit okay in them, but they were a bit long at the toes -- and the blade was even longer. M checked online to no avail for wider skates, so he took the little tike to a hockey store in the next town over. Now, I questioned this since I didn't think that there was a chance in heaven that T was going to get back on the ice, but M said that he saw how much fun T had during free skate last year and thought that it was worth a go.

Well, fifty bucks later we had the most adorable pair of little hockey skates that you've ever seen. They look to be about five inches long and about three and a half inches wide. Too cute! M billed them as "magic skates" to T and T was buying it. M also got an amazing deal on a teeny tiny shoulder/chest pad thingy that is smaller than the size XS that we had for T (which was too big.) This all happened during the day yesterday and M said that they were going to hockey practice and I should meet them there after work. I wished him luck.

Fully expecting to see little T sitting on the sidelines when I arrived, I was surprised to see him out on the ice, pushing buckets around the rink. He was fully participating in the class and seemed to be having a good time. I arrived at minute 32 through the lesson and he stuck it out for the next 28 minutes. When he got off the ice, he said "mom, we played a new game called 'catch the coach' and I was really good at it" with a big smile on his sweaty face. I asked if he had a good time and he said, "oh yeah, it was great with my magic skates."

Give M another point for knowing how to work it with our sons :>

R, by the way, also had a great lesson. He did all sorts of drills between cones and is looking really good out there.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Hip Hip Hooray . . . Hip Hip Hooray . . . Hip Hip Hooray! for Mike and the Magic Skates! I guess size DOES matter! I'm happy for T too - I knew he'd be out there on the ice . . . just didn't know it would happen this soon! So . . . did T catch the coach! What a great way to get them moving without thinking about falling! Way to go coach!

And good for you, R - for maneuvering between cones! That must be pretty tricky! I can't wait to see for myself! Won't be too long now . . . enough time for you to practice with Coach!

gramonthelake said...

If at 1st you don't suceed...try, try again! Good going T, YOU ROCK!
I think your Dad is the best to find those Magic skates for you.
R, sounds like you have magic skates too. Keep up the good work and have lots of FUN!
Mom, hat's off to you too. Working all day & ending your day sitting on a bench isn't easy. Knowing you, you don't want to miss a minute of it. Just love that about you! xoxoxG&G

A.J. said...

T, like me and great grandpa B, have those wide wide feet. When you described those cute little hockey skates, it reminded me of what Rick calls my feet.....Square feet!
So great that he got properly fitting skates, (magic skates!) as T is proving, size does indeed matter. Way to go.

v-party of five said...

Yeay Daddy!! I'm so glad that he got back on the ice (or closed that gate!). I can't wait to see those "magic skates". Maybe if I had magic skates when I was young, my ankles wouldn't always twist in and I'd still be skating... Wow! Sounds like R is really getting it down. Way to go!

K has those wide feet too! Poor things.