Saturday, August 20, 2005

Random Thoughts

  • T got a new stuffed animal - a bear that he named "mashed potatoes" :>
  • We made pizza tonight with store-bought dough that we had to roll and shape ourselves (I refrained from throwing into the air, much to the boys disappointment. Half was with red pizza sauce and half was with alfredo "white" sauce. Added tomatoes and basil picked from our garden. Comments around the table included "we're the masters" from R, and "this is the best pizza in the world" from T, followed by another memorable quote from T "This is sooo good that it's not even good!" Gotta love 'em.
  • Bought school supplies for R today. The teacher gave us a list: 24 crayola crayons, 8 sharpened #2 pencils, box or kleenix to share with the class, elmers glue, two glue sticks, two erasers, pencil sharpener with a thingy to catch the shavings (we still have to get that one)
  • I made pancakes for breakfast (boys' request). When asked if they wanted syrup or butter and sugar, both wanted butter and sugar (just like their mamma likes them)
  • Picked three cucumbers and one bell pepper from the garden
  • Spent an hour by myself in the red adirondack chair -- a little piece of heaven. Then I was joined by the boys and we blew bubbles for a loong time. Another piece of heaven. By the way, Mackinaw is very good at jumping in the air and popping the bubbles.


v-party of five said...

What a nice weekend you are having. What can beat pancakes in the morning and pizza at night...That sounds sooo good that it's not even good. (hee hee that is too funny). I love when they make up their own jokes too! Back to school time is so fun. I LOVE new school supplies. Here's to random thoughts!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

That pizza sounds deeeelicious . . . and about what to put on pancakes??? There's nothing better than butter and sugar . . . (well, to us folks who are in the know!) . . . that red adirondack chair was a great investment, eh? Sounds like you're have a great relaxing weekend - you certainly deserve that! I love "We're the masters" and "soo good that it's not even good!" He should learn the term my mom used to say when we were young . . . "scrumdeliosious!"

SeattleS said...

What a wonderful time it sounds like you are having! How relaxing!
I like pancakes that way too, but I squirt a little bit of fresh lime juice on them with the sugar and butter...umm umm good!
Bubbles. Fun. :-)

gramonthelake said...

Memories are made of this... just chillin' at home with Mom. Hope you get to use those great RED chairs often, you deserve it! xoxoxo