Thursday, August 11, 2005

One for The Bucket, Three for Me

Last week I mentioned all the blueberries we have in the house. They are a result of going blueberry picking last week. It was a pretty hot day - high 80's and lots of humidity. I found a farm 15 minutes from our house that ran a u-pick business, so we headed on out to the farm. I was motivated to get LOTS of blueberries -- for muffins, cobbler, and to freeze. We explained to the boys to only pick the ripe ones -- the dark ones. There were lots of pinkish ones on the bushes and I didn't want any of those in my cobbler!

Well, R took those instructions very seriously and looked for the darkest ones possible. After determining which berry on the plant was the darkest, R would pick it gingerly and come over to show me what a great job they did. T, on the other hand, had a fabulous time picking and eating as many berries as he could.

Here is R showing "the perfect blueberry" and T in the background (probably with three berries in his mouth."

Like I said, I was motivated, and I was a powerhouse picker. We got seven pounds in total. I think that I picked 4, M picked 2 1/2 and the boys picked about half between them. Here are our buckets at the end of the morning:

All in all, it was a fun time. They put all of our berries into two bags - the picture at the top shows T with the 5 lb bag and R with the 2 lb bag...yummers :>


CaliforniaGrammy said...

You mean there are blueberries elsewhere besides Oregon! Great pictures . . . and I can picture T gobbling up those berries . . . what did you pay for your berries . . . here we each picked a five-pound milkjug full and paid $4.50 a piece - she raised her price 50¢ from the past five years!

Middle America Mom said...

Your price is better than ours -- and I thought ours was pretty great. We paid a buck a pound. So, seven bucks for the seven pounds. Not bad at all!

v-party of five said...

I'm impressed indeed! Just think, I was in Vons this morning looking at a scraggly pint of berries already mildewed and they wanted $3.00 for it and then there was a larger box and they wanted $8.00. I can't believe how many berries you picked. That should last a LONG time!

A.J. said...

May we please have your recipe for cobbler?

Middle America Mom said...

I just used the cobbler recipe out of Joy of Cooking. Go for it!