Saturday, July 30, 2005

A Summer of Sailing

After five races, M's season of sailing is over. I'm happy that I wasn't a sailing widow all summer. Some guys race EVERY weekend of the summer. He's done A LOT of sailing this past month! Four overnight races in three weeks. (No wonder he's walking around the house like an old man -- I'm sure he'll recover soon.) Here are a few pictures of the Mackinac finish....

Here is T looking for Daddy sailing to the finish line. T's binoculars aren't the best, but he sure had fun looking out towards the Mackinac bridge to be the first one to spot the boat.

The boat is crossing the finish line!!! That's the Round Island lighthouse, which is just passed the finished line. Every boat that finished got a "canon" -- a loud gun-like noise precisely at the crossing of the finish line. We were so proud, man!

This is the boys posing with dad, UD, UB, and cousins Aand M. The four older ones just got finished with the 41 hour race. They are posing wit a blow-up "old goat." UB is a member of the "Old Goat" club -- meaning that he has finished more than 25 races from Chicago to Mackinac island -- actually, this one was his 39th Mac race! (R has a "bite light" in his mouth. It's a mini flashlight that sailors use when they go down below and don't want to wake up the crew that is on the sleep shift.)


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Great pictures! I'm so proud of you for remembering to take the great memory pictures. I love the one of T looking through the binoculars - was he able to tell M's boat as it crossed under the bridge? I'm glad you explained what was in R's mouth - I thought he'd been sucking on a blue jaw breaker! And the one with the lighthouse is oh-so-nice too! Good job, madame photographer!

v-party of five said...

Wow! Those are incredible pictures. I LOVE the picture of the boat with the lighthouse. Very quaint and professional looking. I would even buy it. What a fun adventure for the boys. Summer is sure fun! Sailing must be in the blood. What a neat legacy for the boys.