Monday, July 25, 2005

You Don't Know What You Have Till It's Gone

Yesterday and today rivaled the heat records in my neck of the woods. It was 94 degrees yesterday, but *felt* like 108 due to the humidity -- that's what the weatherman said. I remember this "heat index" thing now from living in Chicago -- it feels hotter than it is because it's so darn sticky, sweaty, and sweltering. (It's just like the wind factor in the winter, but exactly the opposite -- ya know?)

Anyway, while all this heatness is going on, our central AC has been a workin' and a workin'. M has always said that our unit is too small for our house because it Never Stops. It's always running -- none of that on-for-awhile, off-for-awhile stuff for our little guy, nope. Once it's on, it's off and running.

Until yesterday at 4:00 pm. When it stopped. Completely.

I noticed that it was feeling a bit warm in the house. I wandered over to the thermastat to see if I had accidently turned it off for some reason or if it was set for "leave" -- which is what we do when we're out of town. Nope. It wasn't on "leave"...

and what was that temperature again, oh yeah EIGHTY degrees. Arghh! No wonder I was hot! Once I knew it was 80, it was really hot!

By the time night fell, it was 86 degrees inside. That's because it gets hotter here in the evening. What's up with that? At least in California, even when it was 100 during the day, it would COOL DOWN AT NIGHT. Not here, nope. It gets hotter...and stays humid. Yuck.

I checked the filter and it looked fine. I checked the breaker and it was fine. That's all I knew how to do. M was still out of town finishing the Port Huron to Mackinac race. So, I employed the two fans that we have in strategic positions and put the boys in a cool bath for an hour. By the time I went to bed at midnight, it was DOWN to 83 degrees in the house and 87 degrees outside.

I woke up at 5 in the morning and ran around opening the windows -- I was thrilled to get the temperature back down to 80 degrees (one degree short of my goal -- the 70's sound so much more tolerable than the 80's, ya know?)

Poor Emily the babysitter. She didn't bargain for what she got today. I gave her twenty bucks extra for hazard pay. I told her to get the kids wet every hour or so -- cool bath, water gun fight, running in the sprinklers, whatever it took. Then I told her to hold out in the basement where it was at least 15 degrees cooler. Finally, as a last resort, she could take them to her house if she wanted to. She's such a sweetheart and said that it was no problem :>

When I came home from work it was 88 degrees in the house and 85 degrees outside with not an inkling of a breeze in the air...and the air was thick with 80% humidity. Gross. Emily and the kids were melting in the living room watching a DVD, all with smiles on thier faces. Bless their hearts. Emily took her money and rushed out the door, promising that the day went along great.

Anyone for a leisurely dinner in air conditioned Red Lobster? Both boys said it sounded like a great idea. So we ran out the door too.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Oh-My-Gosh! 87 degrees at midnight! You poor thing - I'd have been really drooping! Not to make you feel even more miserable it's been in the low 80s at the most here recently, in fact this morning when we woke up at 8 it was not even 50 degrees yet! We had to put on our down vests to come to the pole barn for our cereal and coffee!

Red Lobster here we come! Any weather!

Hope the AC gets fixed or replaced soon!

v-party of five said...

Man oh man...that's the pits! Especially the mugginess yucky yuck. I went to Monrovia on friday and it was 96 degrees and sprinkling. Not used to that at all. I hope your air gets fixed or replaced soon.

Here's to a cool shower before bed. That always helps. I LOVE RED LOBSTER. The kids always tease me by saying, "I know how to make you hungry mom....Crab legs and biscuits at Red Lobster.."

gramonthelake said...

How did we ever live with out A/C?
I kind of love it and hate it at the same time. Great to feel cooler but hate being a shut in. Before flipping the A/C button on I try sitting on the front porch with a cool lemonade and a good book. Yeah, like that ever happens!
Aren't basements wonderful? They hold all our junk & cool us down as well.