Thursday, July 07, 2005

Fourth of July Summer Festivities

It's been a whole week since I last blogged. And it was a busy one. M sailed from Wisconsin to Michigan and then we drove to Illinois, going through Indiana. Yep, it was a four state weekend. We celebrated M's dad's birthday -- on July 3rd, just like my sister -- and had a little party in their huge backyard on the lake. While M golfed with his dad and brother (a request from the birthday boy) M's mom and I got ready for the party. I made tortilla roll-ups, apples and caramel dip, and chocolate-dipped strawberries. She made BBQ pork for sandwiches, her famous salsa for dipping, deviled eggs, and cream cheese with pepper jelly for crackers. Lots of M's dad's family came and the boys got to meet some more cousins -- two teenagers that played with R and T all day long; it was like R and T were their personal play things. Boy did my kids love it! They took them on canoe rides, had wrestling matches in the water, and practiced swimming. They played tag -- how I always turned out to be the "safe" spot, I'll never know, and played bocce ball. It was a really nice day. We had lots of good food and good company and good weather to boot!

Almost best of all, both boys took a nap before the festivities began -- amazing! A. Two. Hour. Nap. Nice....! They were in good spirits all day -- no crankiness and no complaining (but, then again, what's to complain about in a day like that?) They even got to stay up until 10:00 so that they could see our fireworks show...our own personal fireworks show.

M and I bought a whole lot of fireworks in Indiana back in May. It's legal to buy cool fireworks all year long there. Even fireworks that shoot up and explode into the air - like the professionals! It was awesome.

The next day, I took the train home (five hours on two trains, but it was nice...a little "me" time with a book and my new iPod) and M and the boys stayed for two more nights. They got back late last night and we're all here together now.

Two notes that I'll write about tomorrow or the next day (call this a blog teaser, if you will): We now own a sailboat, and we're getting ready for a party on Saturday night with about 30 people.

See ya later!


GreatAuntieP said...

What a fun time!! Can just picture it! Did you say a sailboat? Awesome! Can't wait to hear more!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

What a fun 4th! You're right in that "what is there to complain about with a day like that?" And why doesn't it surprise that M got that sailboat a tad earlier than planned? He's been itching for one of those for many moons! Can't wait to hear all about it AND the party. 30 people! Ay yai yai! Have lots of fun!

SeattleS said...

Hello hello!
CaliforniaGrammy told me, your NW cousin, about your blog and so I decided to check it out. I love it! What a fun way to keep in touch. I might have to try my hand at this - I've been thinking about it for awhile.
Have fun at your party tonight!!