Thursday, July 14, 2005

Dinner Ramblings

Here's a picture of T that I peaceful.


Tonight it was just me and the kids for dinner, because M isn't feeling well. (poor guy, I hope he doesn't have what I just got over.)

Well, R could *not* stop talking! Ay yi yi.....he was all excited about a time machine that he wants to build. He went on and on. I'll try to remember some of his excited chatter (while T and I enjoyed our fruit salad, cresent rolls, and mac n cheese.)

R: When I'm 8 I want to build a time machine. Or maybe when I'm seven. I'll be six in two weeks, so 7 isn't that far away. I'm going to build a really cool time machine. It will be successful (editor's note: yes, my brilliant almost-6-year-old used the word "successful"). It will be successful, not like those ones on TV that blow up. I'm going to take the bath tub to sit in and protect me for my trip.

Me: How will the bathtub protect you?

R: Well, if the bathtub protects you during a tornado it should be okay in a time machine. It will be really great to go back intime and see all of the things that we need to the dinosaurs, except that they might eat me, or the cowboys and I could bring my guns, but they should be real for the trip. And I could take a clock and hook it up to the bathtub...that should work out good for going back in time. I would try to go into the future, but that's the trickiest...I'll work on that after I go back in history first.

Me: That sounds really great. R, but I've never really heard of a time machine that works. Scientist have been trying to do that for years.

R: Yeah, that's a good point, mom. Maybe my machine will take us to a place where people dress up like the people in the olden days and act out the things so it's just like you are there. That would be really great and awesome, you know? To see it just like it was back in time..and the houses could be like the olden day houses and the food could be like the food they had then. You know?

Me: I think that's a good idea, R. Now, you let T talk for awhile and take three bites of mac n cheese.

T: Moo. Mooo. Moo.

Me: T can you speak human and not cow, I'm not good at cow language right now.

T: Moo! Can I have some more fruit salad?


SeattleS said...

Oh to have the "out of box" imagination of kids! Of course the bathtub will protect you when you go back in time! It makes perfect sense. Ha! I love it.
BTW - beautiful picture. What a sweetie: Moo!!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Oh-my-gosh! I could HEAR R chatting away so excited like he gets. I don't think he should wait until he's 8 - after all 7 is pretty far away - and 6 is just around the corner! He's really got an imagination . . . but so does T . . . Moooooo!

Great story! Loved it!

The picture of T is priceless! Should be in GQ in a few years!

v-party of five said...

Ahhhh...Auntie wants a copy of that picture to put in a frame. I don't have any new pictures. I'll send you some if you send me some!!

I can just hear R chatter away. And I can just see T sort of ignoring him as he eats his fruit. Hmmmm sort of reminds me of two describing the book she is reading and the other sitting there eating... hee hee.

Middle America Mom said...

Sistah -
You got it. I'll send you some photos. You're right about the two sisters too...except one would be going on and on about a book and the other would NOT be eating her dessert and saving it for later! Arghh!

gramonthelake said...

Funny thing,I beleive
R could do it! He is a very smart boy.
How clever, "Moo" it says it all T! Loved the picture, nothing like the lazy days of summer.