Monday, July 25, 2005

Like Auntie, Like Nephew

Twice this summer R has reminded me of my sister:

1) We'll all be outside and he'll be the only one that gets bitten by mosquitos. I remember that Jen used to work better for me than OFF Bug Spray. As long as she was near me, I wouldn't get bitten, but she would. Poor girl. I told R this and he thought that the two of them should have a game to see who gets the most bites in a timed competition, "as long as we have a lot of Calimine Lotion and Itch-X in the house, we'll be fine." Are you up for it sistah???

2) I let each boy take seven bucks on our vacation. T's strategy was to spend it all at once on whatever he could (he chose polished rocks and a toy airplane -- neither of which is really a souvinere (sp) of where we were.) R, however, would ONLY buy something if he got change back.

Does this sound familiar, Sis??

The first thing that he bought cost two dollars. He had a five dollar bill and two singles. I told him he could give the clerk the two singles and he's still have his fiver to spend later. No, he said that he'd rather give her the five dollar bill so that he'd buy the toy AND get change back. "It's better this way, mom. I get more money and the toys." Okay.

Then, he chose not to buy this really cool thing at the fort that he wanted because he wouldn't get change back from his five dollars that he had left. As much as he wanted it, "it's not worth it, you know mom? Because I don't get any money back." He bought something little somewhere else and came home with three bucks and change.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Wow - that one brought back memories to me too! Did he ever ask if anybody sold anything by the "worth?" It's like asking a kid if he would like 15 nickels or four quarters! I love it! I'm still giggling!

v-party of five said...

That makes perfect sense to me!!! If he used his five dollar bill, he gets the toy and money back from his five and he still has his other two dollars. Totally makes sense! Hee hee..I love that he settled for something smaller to still get change. Too funny!

As far as the bug bites. I haven't been bitten for years since going through the pregnancies. BUT I was just bitten once on the chest last night and it seemed small like a flea bite which reminded me of when Krugie had the fleas REALLY bad and there were tons of fleas in the back room and my legs were covered in bites! NOT fun...Poor Riley! I know he would win the contest!

Middle America Mom said...

Isn't it weird how pregnancy changes things like that? We both had good changes -- I'm not as allergic to cats as before I was preggers -- still allergic, but not nearly as bad.