Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's Not Just For the Birds

A couple of weeks ago, Mackinaw was going crazy in the kitchen sniffing at the door to the garage. She was whining and wagging her tail and sniffing away. M opened the door to the garage and saw a little mouse scurry away. "Honey, we have a mouse problem" he said. He must want to warm up from the cold outside.

Somehow, we forgot about it for a week -- until Mackinaw started the sniffing madness again.

M went out and bought two mouse traps and baited them with peanut butter. Two hours later, he went out to the garage and proudly said, "we've got it."

But, the minute he said that, he saw another one scurry away. Hmmm. It wasn't a mouse problem, it was a mice problem. So, he put on rubber gloves and disposed of the first corpse and re-baited the trap. We knew that if he saw another, there were more hiding somewhere.

The next morning, another mouse trapped.

This has been going on for days now. We've caught seven mice so far. Seven! Now you are asking yourselves -- what do they have in their garage that the mice want?

Birdseed. It's not just for the birds.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Oh my gosh! I think we could have warned you. We learned real fast that around these parts folks who don't want "critters" around their rig - and love bird feeders - switch from standard inexpensive bird seed to the seed called "Negra" - black thistle seed which the song birds love and the critters don't seem to like at all. Hope you got them all . . . they are so prolific, it could take a long time. In Oregon we use the stuff they love and take back to their nests . . . that way share it with the family and THEY ALL DIE. But K thinks you probably don't want that stuff because of Mac and the kids. Good luck in your endeavor!

GreatAuntieP said...

Be glad it's mice and not rats. We ended up with lots of rats, didn't want to leave poison around because of Bro and Sissie. They ate all of the Kumkuats on the tree before we finally figured out what to do to kill them off without endangering the doggies. Glad Makinaw clued you into the problem!!

v-party of five said...

Hee hee.. this post has me giggling. The problem is not funny but the way you wrote it is. I'm glad Mac clued you in on it. Now for some reason I have the song "Cinderellee Cinderelleee night and day its Cinderellee.... " Poor Gus Gus...

Love you lots!