Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Successful Egg Scramble

M and I volunteered to be in charge of the Easter Egg Scramble this year. Nope, it's not an Easter Egg Hunt, because there is really no hunting involved. It's actually a mad dash (or may I say, Scramble) to grab as many eggs as possible until your basket is full.

To prepare for this big neighborhood event, we have been filling plastic eggs for a week. Every night, we'd stuff candy and little toys into eggs. M marked off the area in the grass across the street -- one area for the big kids (ages six and up) and one area for the little kids (five and under.) He moved two tables out there this morning and we all packed up the eggs and placed them in the grass. We had cookies and punch for refreshments when all the eggs were found. The Easter bunny (AKA, M) showed up and was ready for pictures.

We had a blast. Here are some pictures so you can relive the fun too...

Taking a page from my dad's book, M made sure that the kids had something to do as soon as they arrived to keep them busy until the other kids arrived. They decorated big Easter eggs to make as name tags. It worked like a charm.

Here are the big kids all lined up, waiting for the go-ahead to begin their scramble.

T did a great job keeping the identity of the Easter Bunny a secret. Before we went outside he said to M, "I can call you Dad now, but the minute we step outside you are only the Easter Bunny to me."

R thought that it was cool that his dad was the Bunny.

The whole family posed for a picture. Notice the greenery behind us. What? You don't see it? Well, you'd have to look really close to see the little buds on those bushes. The funny thing is, M placed the wicker bench in front of the greenest bush possible. I can't wait for Spring to get a springin'!


CaliforniaGrammy said...

What a great job you guys did ... from the emoment the kids arrived to the pictures with the fabulous looking Easter Bunny I've ever seen, the kids had a blast. Great pictures too. You make us so proud, man! And what a pretty sweater you have on sweet S . . . is that one a - oh, shoot I forgot the name of that style - kind of like my grey one . . . north something-er-ruther! Beautiful! Spring is slow a-comin' in Coarsegold too. Our trees are looking about as "spring-less" as yours!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

"Faire Isle" . . . that's the word I was searching for . . . it only took 'til now as I lay in bed wide-eyed-can't-go-to-sleep mode so I may as well get up and let you know my brain works at all hours of the day!
Good Night Sleep Tight!

A.J. said...

How fun! And what a great Easter Bunny M makes!

You may as well know that by the looks of those pictures, you are having better weather out there in the midwest than we are here in Northern Cal. You may not have heard that we had 25 days of measurable rain in the month of March, breaking a record. (Your folks' visit was timed well in that we received one or two of those precious days of sunshine for their birthday celebration) And April has not been a whole lot better. The citizens are going a bit loo-loo, walking around asking, Where are we, Seattle?

v-party of five said... sure looks "springy" to me. A lot earlier than last year isn't it? What a great day. Isn't it nice to know that all that planning made so many kids very happy. You guys rock! Great Easter Bunny outfit too. Too cute.

GreatAuntieP said...

Really good pictures! One of the cutest Easter Bunny's I have ever seen! Lot's of planning and work paid off for you guys, you really do rock!!

Ken said...
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Ken said...

Easter Bunny? Now I thought a Bunny was a small rabbit. Small being the operative word here. Nice try, but I can tell you're no Bunny. But you make a great Easter Rabbit. Hum! I wonder if the outfit would work as camo for rabbit hunting. You might give it a try M.

gramonthelake said...

What a man.......M would do anything for his kids & this proves it!
Especially love the family picture on the wicker, in front of all that greenery. Spring favorite!
You two are very special people to make this "The best ever Easter Egg Hunt" happen for "All" the children.This is what memories are made of. I'm so proud of you and I know your sons are too.
M, you are soooo lucky Elmer Fudd wasn't out hunting that day!