Friday, March 31, 2006

Sight for Sore Eyes

Do you remember back in September when I discussed all of the medical appointments that I needed to make? Well that was six months ago...and I can say that we've almost finished the list (just in time to start over!) We still need to go to the dentist -- that is, find a dentist and then go to the one we find.

But, that's not my story for today.

The story today is about the eye doctor. I never actually made an appointment for myself. But, when M was in for his followup appointment (yep, he's now had two appointments and I had none) he made an appointment for me. Cool. I was happy. So, all that I had to do was show up. Which I did.

It went a little something like this.

Me: I'm having some trouble with reading and working at the computer.

Doc: What kind of trouble?

Me: The letters get a bit they have a shadow or something. And my eyes hurt after I've worked on the computer for a long time.

Doc: Okay, let's check it out. Lean into here and read those letters on the other side.

Me: You mean those itsy bitsy teeny tiny letters?

Doc: Start with the line above those letters and work your way down.

Me: Okay. (and I read the letters from both lines)

Doc: Okay, now read these letters that are closer up (as she moves some contraption in front of me with a little piece of paper with letters on it.)

Me: (I read the letters)

Doc: So, S, do you ever feel like you have trouble seeing far away?

Me: Nope, just close up.

Doc: That's funny because your eyesight is much worse for distances.

Me: Huh....well, now that I think about it, when my husband and I play a game of "who can read the freeway sign...well, he usually wins."

Doc: Your husband, M, who has a stigmatism (sp) and I just prescribed glasses for his distance vision?

Me: Yeah, that one. (Duh!)

At the end of all of the eye inspection -- taking a picture of my retina ("healthy and beautiful"), and looking right at my cornea ("great") -- the doctor said "You're eyes are very healthy, you just need some help seeing."

To the tune of bifocals. Yes, you read that right. BIFOCALS!!! Like, the kind that grandmas wear! Me, young me. Or not-so-young me!!!!

I went back a week later, and they fitted them to my face. At first it was weird, but I'm finally used to them -- four weeks later. I wear them all the time.

Stay tuned for more adventures of S's eyes when you learn about all of the things that I couldn't see before the glasses.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Well . . . you beat your mama! I was forty-three when I saw "shadows" in a clean galley for type just delivered from the typographer . . . now there's an out-dated vocation! I think you should have M take a cute picture of you with your new glasses for your blog . . . what 'cha think? And how does M like his distant-glasses?

GreatAuntieP said...

Hey S! Welcome to the bifocal club. I like to have mine hanging on a chain around my neck. Then I only wear them when I want to see near or far(like driving mainly) but not all the time, like doing work around the house, or at workwith patients .I remember when I first got glasses, I got them for distance cause I couldn't see signs real well till I got right up to them. Well, I'll tell you!! What a difference they made.I forgot how pretty trees look when you can see each little leaf as your driving by. Etc, etc. Glad you'll be able to see so much better now. Would love to see a pic of you with those bifocals!!

gramonthelake said...

This must be "See Better" time of year. Grandpa likewise got bifocals & I had eye surgery. I must say the best thing I like about wearing glasses is the fact that I can take them off. You see my house looks cleaner then(can't see the dust), and the wrinkles in my face fade away in the dimly lit mirror. Hee-hee. S, did you get a girly-girl pair of glasses with lots of bling-bling? Elton John glasses? Harry Carey glasses? How 'bout blogging a picture of the new you. xoxoxogramonthelake