Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter in Springtime

I know that Easter is always supposed to come in the Spring time, but here in the Midwest you just never know what the weather would be like. I've been told that there as sometimes been snow on Easter! This was not the case yesterday. It was beee-u-ti-ful! Seventy-four degrees and sunny -- a bit windy, but sunny nevertheless. Yahoo. Alleluia!

Our Easter celebration started on Saturday with lots of fun with Mike's folks and Uncle Dave (who came on the train Saturday night. The boys got spoiled with a whole bag each of Easter goodies from Gram and Gramp, including a "craft" of making their own candy necklaces -- which they loved making and eating...and wore every day. We also dyed Easter eggs, which is always a good time.

Setting the table with our china (my Gramma R gave me hers as a wedding present), crystal, and our silver was a lot of fun. We served Easter dinner on Saturday night because we knew we'd be too full the next day from our brunch to also have a big dinner -- spreading out the tasty goodness. We had a leg of lamb that M grilled, mashed potatoes, asparagas, and garlic cheese rolls. Yummers! Top that off with an Easter egg shaped cake and a couple of games of Pegs and Jokers and call it a night!

Easter morning started out with the boys looking for their baskets that the Bunny had hidden -- R found T's first (in the coat closet) and then with a little help from Uncle Dave, R found his own (in the drier). They both thought that the hiding places were hilarious, as in, "can you believe that the Easter Bunny hid my basket in the DRIER???!!!"

Then we got our Easter finest on and headed out to a great place for brunch (T wants to eat there every day!) and had a really nice time. Somehow, while we were gone, the Easter Bunny struck again and hid plastic eggs in the house full of quarters. (T suggested that we leave again to see if the Bunny would come EVERY time we left the house.) Too much fun!

The rest of the day was casual and a lot of fun -- including more Pegs and Jokers, with R playing and holding his own, joking around like he was one of the guys. Of courese, there was a lot of horsing around with Uncle Dave -- especially by R, who thinks that this uncle is is own jungle gym. We also hung out on the deck and ate appetizers at around 4:00 as our dinner. It was a great way to spend the holiday -- with family.
The Easter Bunny also brought a giant faux chocolate bunny, which still has a place of distinction in our dining room. Like the Veggie Tale song goes...The bunny, the bunny, oh I love the bunny...


CaliforniaGrammy said...

What a nice Easter you had. Your table is beautiful (you're right, the table cloth just squeaks by . . . you'll have to put that on your Christmas list) oh, but that's not fun to get for a Christmas present! And I love that chocolate bunny—too cute, especially with T standing next to him. The Smiths look like they had a great time with the grandsons! Lots of smiles on that glorious Easter day!

GreatAuntieP said...

Great pictures of the boys, the Smiths, beautiful table.Dishes and crystal look very Eastery. Incredible chocolate Bunny! I've never seen one that big. The boys have matured since I saw them at Christmas. They are both so very handsome, each in their special way. Uncle Dan is handsome too!

A.J. said...

Oh so cute. Riley looks so grown up, and such a casual pose there with the whole family. What a nice Easter, not unlike the one we shared with you here in California, and I thought of that special Easter on this Easter Sunday too!

Does anybody but me wonder what that black and white furry creature is next to Uncle Dave? Did the Easter bunny bring a giant guinea pig too?

Middle America Mom said...

Hey AJ - that black and white furry creature is a little dog named "Roxy". She is a shitzu(sp?) that belongs to gram and gramp Smith. And she likes to play -- or attack -- Uncle Dave. Too funny that you noticed the "furry creature"!

gramonthelake said...

Your table looked so very pretty set with your Grandmother's beautiful China, your lovely stemware & elegant silverware. The handpainted wooden eggs you & the boys made for place cards were too cute. (I never noticed the table cloth being a little short.I have a new one from, yes, Marshalls for you. It's long & tan-ish.) The Grilled Leg of Lamb was delicious, as was your famous Asparqagus! Thanks S for finding the extra fun Easter Brunch on the Lake.
We did so much: Eggs Benedick/Easter Dinner/Basket & Egg Hunt/Dying Easter Eggs/Picking Uncle D up from the train/Playing outdoors with the boys/Appetizers on the deck/Pegs & Jokers/Brunch on the Lake/Walking R to the bus stop/Visiting T's preschool/Shooting & Golfing! Thank you again for the memories & all the love you send our way! xoxox