Thursday, April 14, 2005

Never Before Mother's Day

The boys are in the bathtub cleaning off the grime from thier afternoon playing outside. Let's see, I think that they played hide and seek, did chalk drawings on the driveway, drove their mini-ATV, played basketball with the neighbors and played Buzz Lightyear all in the span of two hours. They are balls of energy, for sure!

I, on the other hand, was also productive. I mailed our tax returns (hey, and it's only the 14th!) at the post office. Actually, we e-filed two of the tax returns and had to mail the two that we couldn't e-file. Yes, you're right, we had *four* tax returns! One federal, two state, and one city. Can you believe that we pay city income taxes? Strange to me too.

I'm having fun with this Spring thing. Since we moved in the house in the late Fall (end of October) we didn't see what spring/summer foilage is around the house. So, in addition to the daffodils and tulips that we planted, we're seeing other unknown sprouts coming up. There are two clusters of purple and green thick things that are coming up on either side of the front walk. I go out and check them out each morning to see if I can tell what they are. Since they are only about a half inch out of the ground, I can't tell a thing yet (plus I'm not familiar with these midwestern plants yet!).

I've been told by a number of people never to plant around here before Mother's Day because we often have a frost in May. That sure bummed me out...I've been drooling over garden magazines dreaming about the day when I could did in and plant my little heart out.

But,I just learned that pansies can be planted a FULL MONTH before the last frost! I'm giddy with the thought of running over to Home Depot this weekend and planting a couple of window boxes for the deck! Yahoo!


CaliforniaGrammy said...

I wonder if those green and purple "thick things" are Hyacinth? For sure you need a flat of Pansies to plant a whole month before Mother's Day - for sure! For sure! Colors Colors Colors! And their smiling faces will greet you every day. Don't forget to "dead-head" them so they'll keep producing more smiley faces! And have lots of fun!..I bet R and T and having a blast playing outside! City income taxes??? What's up with that?

CalifgreatauntieP said...

Spring is my very favorite time of year. it is so fun seeing things pop up out of the ground you had forgotten about. And all the geranuiums begin to bloom, like everything else around them. I guess we Californians can be thank-ful we don't pay city income tax. Bro and Sissy would not do well with Pansies, or the Pansies wouldn't do well with them!!