Monday, April 04, 2005

In The 70's

For the first time in six months the thermometer has hit the seventies :>
Yes, that makes me very happy! R is off of school this week for Spring Break and it was perfect weather for the little guy. He and T ran around all outside all day, playing with the neighbor kids -- hide and seek, tag, swings, and even some chalk drawings. R was able to break out a Spiderman toy that he got for Christmas for the first time. It's an outside toy and this is the first nice day (beside snow days for him to play outside.) It's basically a Spidey glove on his hand with a cool attachment that shoots Silly String or water or little nerf arrows. He had a blast. He also had his first "owie" of the season, skinning his elbow on the cement when he fell down at some point. He told me "I didn't even cry, mom, I'm a tough guy"....does he get that from his father? Hmmmm....

Speaking of his father, M played in a poker game on Saturday night with a bunch of guys from my work. It was Texas Hold'em -- twenty bucks in and you play until you're out. They started out with 15 guys and he made it to the last table of the 5 winners. He didn't win, but he had fun.

M wanted to do something fun for R's Spring Break, so he got tickets to the local ice hockey game. The Wings are in the playoffs and we'll go to one the game on Wednesday night. M invited one of R's friends from hockey class (a friend who has parents that we got to know pretty well) and his friend and their parents will join us at the game...should be fun. T says he'll go as long as he gets to sit by me.

I just took a blogging break because T was yelling from the bathroom that he was out of toilet paper. I brought him some more and saw two suspicious looking brown stripes on the way. "T, did you wipe poop on the wall?" I asked. "Oh, yeah, sorry." T said. "T, why did you wipe poop on the way." "Oh, I forgot mom. I'm sorry." Forgot? Forgot that you can't wipe poop on the wall? What's to forget? Do I have to make a list of all the things that you cannot wipe on the wall? Even if I did make said list, I don't know if I would have had the forethought to include as one of the contriband wall-decorations. (I know, he was probably wiping and encountered more that he planned on and got a bit grossed out. Being out of TP, he thought the wall was an easy remedy for his poopy fingers.) But, geesh!


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Oh my gosh, did this blog make us smile! What a joy parenthood is . . . poop on the wall is a new one to me!

I'm sure spring must be in Michigan too! 70s! Wow! I read in the paper that we might be in the 80s by the weekend - now that's too warm for spring as far as I'm concerned.

Have fun at the hockey game!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

P.S. Good for you M! Texas Holdem' is a game they play at the casinos alot (so I've been told) but I have no idea how to play. Maybe some day you'll teach me!