Sunday, February 20, 2005

Snugglin' and Talkin'

Last night I after I did the dishes (M made a great chicken dinner) I went upstairs to hang out with M while he was surfin on the net. I got on the futon and covered myself with the blanket. R, who was still not up to snuff, came in and asked if he could snuggle with me. I told him that I would love to snuggle with him. So he got in and settled in, turned towards me with a nice smile and said, "Mom, sometimes when I'm not feeling so good, it makes me feel better to snuggle with you." He also said, "sometimes when I'm not too happy, I talk to you and you make me feel better." about warming a mom's heart!

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California Great Auntie P said...

That brings tears to Auntie P's eyes, it is a very sweet thing to say to one's mom. Like it's the kind of thing you'll remember for-ever! I hope Tommy sends something from art class soon, He is such a great artist. I love what he sent to Grandma Burns. She displays it on her table for all to see and admire. Love, Calif. Great Auntie P