Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Eleven Deer and One Barking Dog

Mackinaw has developed this big-dog bark within the last week. As I was clearing the dinner dishes, she started barking like there was no tomorrow. She proceeded to run from one window to the next, barking and barking. As I was doing the dishes, I would absently say “no bark” with a quasi-stern voice. After about five minutes, I realized that she was really barking up a storm. So, I looked out the window and to my surprise, there were tons of deer coming out of the woods into our backyard. Normally, we get about three or four deer at a time. Once we had eight. Tonight, there were eleven. No wonder she was barking! I decided that it’s okay to bark when there are eleven deer in the back yard, so I didn’t tell her to stop anymore.

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CaliforniaGrammy said...

ELEVEN deer! Oh my gosh - yes, any dog has a right to bark at the many animals in her backyard. I'm glad she wasn't in the yard because you'd probably not been able to see such a sight. How fun!