Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pack Meeting at the Park

M is Den Master for the boys' pack, which means that he's in charge of the pack meetings. The pack consists of all of the dens from 1st through 5th grades -- about 25 boys or so. M took a lot of time in planning this meeting. Here is is with a den leader, going over the last minute details for a successful meeting.

After the flag ceremony, awards and songs (led by me), the boys were divided into two teams. Each team had to come up with a team name and make a flag. R's team was the "Multitaskers" and T's team was the "Porcipines." Here is T's team making their flag. Evidently T couldn't see, so he jumped on the table.

After the flags were designed and constructed, the teams were off to four different posts in this park. Two of the posts were over half a mile away, so they had to follow a map. (I only have pictures of the nearby tasks, I didn't hike two miles that day chasing after the kids.)

One of the posts had the tasks of finding big puzzle pieces and putting the puzzle together. As you can see, it has the boy scout motto on it, "Do your best."

Another task that they had to do was tie themselves into a "human knot" and then get out of it, all holding hands facing each other. The teams had a hard time with this and get frustrated. When this happened, M would get all of the adults there to get into a knot and lead us out of the knot. That was enough for the boys to get a second wind and figure it out.
When each task was complete, the team could get a bandana and put it on their flag. It was quite a badge of pride to see those different colored bandanas flying high. R is admiring the bandanas that represent his hard work while he takes a water break.

It was a great meeting and M got compliments from all the parents, even the been-there-done-that parent that is never happy!

This is my artsy-fartsy picture of the snack for the day, Boy Scout Trail Mix.


Ken said...

GO MIKE!!!! Great job. It looked like a fun time.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

What a well planned fun day for the boys. Good job you guys. Love Mike's hat, it looks like Smokey the Bear's hat! The pictures are great, they so help us experience the day with you. Thanks! Oh, I can't forget to tell you I love your artsy-fartsy picture.

jennavar said...

What great pictures! M and P should get together and have a picture taken with their smokey hats on. Sounds like everyone had a great time on a beautiful day!

grandmaonthelake said...

Great Dad...
Great Mom...
Great Sons...

Great family memories!

Thanks for sharing with us.