Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fun with the Cousins

My sister left yesterday after a fun action-packed four day visit. Here are some of the things that we did:

  • Visited the zoo and pet the giraffes. (Everybody loved this, especially KL)
  • Went to the park and climbed the rock-climbing walls
  • Visited the Amish farmer's market and bought tasty cookies and apple-cinnamon bread
  • Went to the local museum
  • Spent a day at "the club" -- swimming, sailing, playing in the sand, and bbqing
  • Jen helped me move all of my scrapping and card-making materials into my newly finished craft room (we had fun organizing the suplies into baskets and drawers and cupboards)
  • J and I went to a card-making class
  • K and I made cards in the craft room
  • J helped R with some video-game tricks on the Nintendo. He was right when he told R, "I'm pretty good at video games, I can probably help you out a bit."
  • A major super-soaker fight between all five kids
  • Lots of grilling - hot dogs, hamburgers, salmon
  • Lots of great breakfasts -- eggs, pancakes, donuts, apple-cinnamon bread, tasty cereal
  • Plenty of good conversation between me and my sister :> (enhanced by a variety of tasty wine coolers -- and a lot of them based on the full recycling bin in the garage!)

By the end of the visit, we were all quite satisfied with our cousin fix and all very tired. All of the cousins wanted the stay to last longer.

What fun!


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Great blog . . . I had just said to your dad "I wish I knew how the sister-trip went!" and presto HERE IT IS! What a great time y'all had and what great pictures. They are all growing up so darn fast! I love the J and R "I can help you out a little" with the Nintendo. I can just picture that. And what fun to make cards with K. Can't wait to see that nifty craft room where we can play! Love the pictures too!

gramonthelake said...

Happy you all had such a fun time with your sis, niece & nephews. The cousins all look sooo big, pretty & handsome in the pictures. Yes! Your craft room is finished. Do you love it? Wish I had one!

A.J. said...

Oh how very wonderful your visit was, how great to hear all about it. From the great pictures, it looks like you had some good weather too. So great that you were all together and had such good times.

v-party of five said...

Wow.. it was a lot of fun and we did do tons of stuff huh! Thank you for opening your house to us. We had a blast. Those wine coolers were definitely tasty too.