Friday, June 02, 2006

I Didn't Know I'd Need a Kleenix

Here's the report on the Mommy's day at T's preschool last week:

It was SO much fun.... As I mentioned last week, T kept mentioning things throughout the morning that he would show me at his school. He was so excited to leave to go, but he did remember the little present he got for his teacher.

When we arrived, about half of the class was there with their moms. Now, the class only has 10 kids, but we barely fit in their little class room with the 10 kids and 10 mommies and 2 teachers. As soon as we walked in, T gave his present to the teacher with a big smile on his face. She squatted down at his level and opened it up and gave him a big hug with a thank you. All of the kids did a craft (glued tissue paper squares onto a cut out turtle) and then they had play time. T kept finding new things for us to play with. By the time we started with the blocks, he wanted to show me the puzzle box. When we decided on a puzzle, he wanted to show me the story nook. When we got down there, he wanted to show me the science corner. So many things to see with so little time!

Then, the kids had snacks -- yes, the highly anticipated donut hole (just one) and milk. Then it was gym time. Their gym is small and indoors, but fabulous. There is a jungle gym and stuff, but the highlight is the ROAD with trikes and bikes (with training wheels). Boy, do those kids go fast! It was great.

The highlight of the day was music time. T's class has music time with another class, so we had 20 kids and 20 mommies and 4 teachers crammed on the floor in this music room. The teachers had a little ceremony in which they gave out "diplomas" to the students. After this, they played a DVD that had still pictures put to music of the entire year. This DVD lasted more than 15 minutes -- there were lots of pictures, including about 8 or so of T. I and most of the moms had tears. The music was beautiful too, including "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. The teacher passed around a kleenix box. It was great!

When I told M about the DVD, he called the school and is trying to get a copy for us... Cool!


gramonthelake said...

Sounds like you've found the "Best Ever" pre-school. S, happy you were able to be there for T.
It's great you work so close to home & can get the time off of from work for these most important days. Grandpa & I are very proud of T's super 1st year in school. We know he'll just love kindergarten in the fall. Can't believe how fast he's growing up. Please pass a kleenix.....

A.J. said...

What a great little school. Sounds like a very special day, one to remember always! Sure hope you can get the CD, that would be cool!

v-party of five said...

What a fun day. How very special. I love how he was sooo excited to show you every bit of what the school offers that his attention span couldn't stay on one thing. I can just feel his excitement. I would love to see the DVD too.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

I know it's a special school by the way the teachers greet each child when they meet them at the car driving up. That's really gotta make a kid feel special. What a fun party to show off all the things T loves. His excitement ooooozes all the way to California! I love him so. He's gonna make an awesome kindergartener! "What a Wonderful World" is the perfect music for the CD too! I love that song.

SeattleS said...

This school sounds fantastic! What a nice and jam packed day you had: so many fun things to share, so little time!