Monday, June 05, 2006

The Pros and Cons of Reading

Yesterday, after dinner at a restaurant, T and R had to go to the bathroom. I stood outside the one-potty unisex bathroom while both boys went in. R came out right away and said that T would be awhile, so I went in to keep T company.

Upon entering and taking a sniff, I asked T to flush once to get rid of the smell. He flushed and then looked a bit worried.

T: Mom, I'm worried about what to do with the toilet paper.

Me: What do you mean, T? What worries you?

T: Well, R read me that sign and now I don't know what to do with the toilet paper after I wipe. If I can't flush it, what should I do with it. It's gross.

I looked up and read the sign... you know the one..."Please do not flush santitary napkins or paper towels down the toilet. Thank you."

Me: Oh, T, that sign doesn't mean toilet paper. It means you can't flush other kinds of paper down the toilet. If you do, it will make the water rise up to the top (we just had an incidence of this at our house, so T knew what I meant.

T: What kinds of paper do they mean?

Me: Oh, things like paper towels.

T: But there isn't any paper towels in here, only that blower thingy.

Me: Yeah, they're serious. They really don't want you to flush paper towels down there, but toilet paper is okay.

T: Whew. That's good news.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

I can't stop laughing! I love his precious reasoning that "it's gross" if I can't flush it. . . great blog, I love hearing their conversation. It's as if I'm eavesdropping on you with them. Thank you for a great chuckle. I'm still giggling!

I guess R just read the first four words? He must have gotten stuck on "sanitary!"

gramonthelake said...

I L.O.L. when I read your blog today. What a smartie pants R is reading "everything". And what a QT T is, wanting to do the right thing. Your clever writing style made me feel like I was in the next stall listening. xoxoxgramonthelake

A.J. said...

Oh yes, good news indeed! Poor little T, worrying about what to do, what to do! Good thing mommy went in there to give him the good news.

I too, like californiagrammy and gramonthelake, appreciate your method of documenting the conversations. Takes us right there! Love and kisses, A.J.

v-party of five said...

Hee hee funny story. I can just see him holding the toilet up and having a look of wonderment/ eeww on his face.

I'm glad the conversation didn't get too much farther regarding what exactly does a "sanitary napkin" mean??