Saturday, July 01, 2006

Off to GramontheLake's

We're off for a fun weekend at GramontheLake's house. It's Gramponthelake's birthday on Monday (and my sister's too!). We're going to have a little party on Sunday and have a great time swimming in the lake and playing with more cousins. R said, "I can't believe it! We're going to see ALL of our cousins in one week!" It's true, my sister and her kids visited last weekend, and this weekend we'll see M's brother and his kids. I love seeing the kids play with their cousins.

Some time over the weekend, we'll light the $200 (or so) worth of fireworks that M and his brothers have bought for our enjoyment. I love lighting the really big ones that shoot up in the air and explode over the lake -- just like the professionals :>

We'll come back on the morning of the 4th to see the really cool air show that is in town this weekend. Have a good weekend everybody!

Here's a cute picture of C and T dressed up as dogs during the Varners visit last weekend -- just something to make you smile.

And another picture of the four boys. Don't you wonder what each one is thinking? They all have such different expressions on their faces!

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CaliforniaGrammy said...

Lucky GramontheLake! And Happy Birthday Gramponthelake!

Those fireworks will be 0h-so-like-the-professional! They will be gorgeous with the reflection twinkling in the water. Great fun. I love the puppy dogs, and the one of the boys IS interesting. I wonder what they are all pondering as they pose, knowing that you're taking their picture. Hmmmmm.

Have a super weekend, sounds like that's a given - with the air show too ... wow!