Monday, February 27, 2006

Proud Pizza Makers

I just wanted to add some pictures that I meant to post last night. Above, you can see cool-boy R with his masterpiece of a pizza. Below is flour-covered T with his masterpiece (much higher ratio of cheese to pepperoini than his big brother.)

And here they both are celebrating with noise makers:


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Those pizzas make me drool, they look so good. R could probably get a job at the local pizza joint! And T's would make a good commercial for California Cheeze! A big high-five to both of them. I love their stylin' haircuts too! Was great chatting with you this afternoon. Loved hearing how fun Florida was!

A.J. said...

T does like a little pepperoni with his cheese! What a fun b-day celebration, noisemakers and all.

gramonthelake said...

Momma-mia! Those pizza's look yummy. Maybe G & G should open a pizza parlor & hire the two of you. So much Fun.