Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Day of Celebration

We had a fun day celebrating T's birthday. It started out with "fruit fruity" pancakes. M made four different fruit pancakes -- mango, banana, strawberry, and blueberry. It was a feast for a fruit-loving birthday boy!

After breakfast, T got to open his gifts, including a two-wheeler bike :> It's the same kind that he has at is preschool (a Trek) that he really loves. Too bad it was only 16 degrees outside -- too cold for biking. In the picture below, you'll notice T's "overeasy" pajamas (that's a term that he coined himself.)

After spending the morning playing with his new presents, we went to the mall to see the Curious George movie (cute, with great music) and the boys got haircuts. My oh my their hair grows fast.

For dinner, the boys made "half and half pizzas" --half alfredo sauce and half red sauce. They were great chefs....and the pizza wasn't too bad either. (As you can see, pizza making is VERY serious business.)


A.J. said...

Oh boy Oh boy! What a fun GREAT birthday day! Sounds perfect, actually!

What a difference those haircuts make. T looks so much older! He looks like Justin!

Let us know when he can try out those new wheels! How did you present it to him, just wheel it out?

Thanks for the report of such a fun-filled celebration.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Oh-my-gosh . . . I didn't know you were home already. I feel really bad we didn't call T to sing . . . we'll have to save it for tomorrow cuz it's way too late to call now. T's haircut does make him look older than five. And those pancakes are so special. Did he eat them all? I love the over-easy jammies. And that bike! Wow! He's truly all grown up into a kid . . . not a baby boy any more!

v-party of five said...

Sounds like a very fun-filled day to me. And a movie to boot (or something like that). What a great breakfast and dinner. He does look extrememly handsome in his new haircut. Happy birthday big boy!

gramonthelake said...

What a Super-Dooper 5th Birthday!
Comfy pj's w/3 kinds of Pancakes, a cool movie, yummy homemade pizza, nifty Geo's & a sooooo cool 2 wheel bike. Well, it just doesn't get better than that! What good lookin' guys. Miss all of you. xoxoxgramonthelake