Saturday, February 25, 2006

My Baby Is Five

How Can It be? How can my little baby be five already? Boy, does time go by so fast. Everybody told me that time does this crazy thing -- zoom by - but I never believed it. And here he's five. He's such a fun kid.
  • He loves art and creating things -- it doesn't matter the media. Give him some sticks and sand and he's just as happy as if you've given him watercolors and a brush. He can make art out of anything.
  • He also sees beauty in anything -- flowers, sunsets, colors, birds, a button on my blouse -- anything. While we were searching for seashells, I heard over and over "Mom, here's a beautiful one" or my favorite, "Mom, here's a beauty!"
  • He has become terribly shy, which is often perceived as being a brat (perhaps it's his look of disdain when somebody he doesn't know talks to him?)
  • He's either completely loving or a horrible snit. The Loving part: he'll snuggle and give kisses to me, his dad, and even, his brother (even in the hockey locker room when R is trying to get dressed, which doesn't go down to well -- I mean really, getting kissed by your brother in public when you're a hockey player? Come on!) The Snit part: He knows what he wants and he doesn't care if it's rude or wrong, that's what he wants. He has an opinion and he's not going to change his mind. (He's defintely not a pleaser.)
  • He loves dogs and puppies and loves everything about them and everything that depicts them -- books, stickers, art, catalogs, and the real live things themselves.
  • He's a train expert. Loves trains, knows trains, wants to work on a train when he grows up.
  • He is smart! He has the best use of language and phrases. It kills me sometimes.

He's such a wonderful, loving, artistic, creative, tough, smart kid and I love him so much. I can't believe he's five!


CaliforniaGrammy said...

No way . . . T is five! It does just seem like a few days ago I witnessed his birth (as I did the four grandkids before him, I'm so proud to say) And I can also attest to his brilliant use of words and his wonderful creative artistic being. I adore him! Happy Birthday T!

A.J. said...

I'm all teary-eyed. And what a terrific picture for his 5th birthday. We love him! Happy Birthday Mr. T!

v-party of five said...

Happy Birthday T.! I can't believe how fast five years have gone by. What a great picture. It says so much of how sure he is of himself. I hope his love for beauty and art lasts a long, long time. Love you tons my little nephew!

gramonthelake said...

Wow! What a great smile, almost ear to ear. Smiling or Snitty, we love all of him. Yes, I so agree, T is very talented & I love doing crafts with him. We're happy he's talking more on the phone these days too. Happy #5 Birthday T
gramonthelake & gramponthelake

GreatAuntieP said...

Way to go T with that cheek to cheek smile that is so very captivating. I think alot of people adore this little guy, I know Great auntie P is one of them.
I do think he resembles his great grandpa B. somewhat. Amazing how that is!! What a beautiful baby you and M. have S.!