Tuesday, October 25, 2005

So Proud, Man!

Tonight was R's parent-teacher conference at school. It's such a fun experience when your child is doing well -- and he is doing well. She even called him "profound" in how he answers questions. He's curious and loves to learn -- you couldn't ask for much more. R always wants to do his best, which leads to a bit of perfectionism (I really don't know where he gets this -- not from me nor M.) Anyway, sometimes he gets so caught up in doing things exactly right, that he gets a bit paralyzed and can't go on until it's perfect. This is primarily the case in spelling words. They have a journaling exercise in which the children write about whatever subject they're given. Spelling doesn't matter. The idea is to get thier thoughts down on paper. Evidently he has a hard time with the "spelling doesn't matter" part because he really wants to spell it right. I'll work on not being so perfect at home -- I certainly don't want his idea of perfectionism to hinder his creativity.

All in all, he's doing a great job and you can tell that the teacher just loves him. She asked him some questions about what he's learning and the proud and caring look on her face was precious as she was looking at him while he answered.

It warms a mom's heart :>

As we were leaving R's classroom, we saw Mrs Edwards, his kindergarten teacher from last year. Wanting to give T some attention in this R-filled night, I told Mrs Edwards that T would be in her class next year. She looked pleased and bent down to talk to T -- who immediately turned his back to her and refused to talk. Oh well, he'll learn...right??

Conversations from the bath tub:

The boys are in the tub right now. I just overheard R say "oh, careful T, I just tooted and it smells really bad!" T said, "that's okay, sometimes that happens."


CaliforniaGrammy said...

I really chuckled while reading your post on R's spelling and there you go and spell "their" with the i going before the e . . . but I'm so proud of R's accomplishments. And we (Auntie P and I) laughed out loud at the bath tub story. Can't wait to see you . . . this time tomorrow we'll be on our way to your house . . . and even on the ground! Yes! Love you all!

v-party of five said...

Ahhh... I love parent-teacher conferences. I'm so glad that R is adjusted and doing well. I still have the kids journels where spelling doesn't count. It is so neat to see how they progress and really get their thoughts down. I love going back and trying to figure out what they were trying to say. It also amazed me how the teachers seemed to know exactly what they were saying and would comment back on their thoughts.

How neat that R was able to be a part of the conference too. T will do great in Kindergarten. I can't believe that they are almost that age. Our sweet little twin babies are growing up!

When I first saw that picture, it warmed my heart because if I'm not mistaken he is setting up the chess board to teach me how to play right? Golly.. I love those boys!

A.J. said...

I love that picture of R, the little moppet, in his Tony the tiger T-shirt. I'll bet his teacher just loves him, he would be such a joy to have in class! I remember when he started kindergarten, and when I asked him what was his favorite part, he said, Learning.

The overheard tub conversation is a winner. Love how they get along so well! I wonder how long they will both fit in the tub? They are both so great, and I love them so much.

FloodCity said...

Slip a tape recorder into the bathroom or just outside the door when the boys are in the tub. We did this a few times and we all get such good laughs when we replay them. Hurry, they'll be off to college before you know it.

SeattleS said...

So so cute! Aren't you glad you have a blog so that you can retain some of the cute conversations you overhear?!

GreatAuntieP said...

Like I told your mom, I wish my co-workers had T's attitude when it comes to "tooting".
I'm sure it is a joy to have an eager learner like R for a child. This is probably the first of many glowing reports to come with this bright little guy.
Have fun with grammy J and grampa K.

gramonthelake said...

Picture = 100% big boy!
So proud of R's win win attitude in everything he's doing. (School, Hockey & Tiger Cubs)Parents, student & teacher conferences, how wonderful. We're so proud of him.
T going to Kindergarten next year? Hard to believe he's that age already.
Guy talk...gotta love it! Guess you couldn't say, "No more pants talk guys". After all they were naked in the tub. lol