Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sleep is Good

I got a GREAT night's sleep on Friday night and last night. I'm such a happier person (and wife and mom) when I've had over five hours of sleep in a night :>

Uncle Dan came over this weekend and we had a really nice visit. He and M went skeet shooting yesterday, and last night we played 3-way pegs and jokers (after a tasty dinner of chicken, spinach casserol, and tomatoes with mozerella). Today, the boys took Mackie for a walk in the woods while I finished up some work and then we went to our second corn maze of the season. Lots of fun there -- I'll have pictures for you later this week.

I'm off for my last(!) business trip tomorrow at 4:00AM. Wish me luck!


GreatAuntieP said...

Sounds like a good weekend for all of you. Have a great trip and good luck S. Love you lots.

A.J. said...

Good luck sweetie! And here's to many more nights soon of more than 5 hours sleep. Lots of sleep. Sleep and rest and recuperation. You still manage to squeeze in fun.

gramonthelake said...

Weekends, gotta luv em! Time to regroup with lots of fun, yummy food & much needed sleep. Wouldn't it be super to have longer weekends & shorter weekdays? Girlfriends Unite....we can make this happen! Wishing you a
successful trip & a great homecoming. xoxoGOTL

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Yippee for a GREAT night's sleep! Sounds like a nice weekend with Uncle Day too. We'll see you soon for another nice weekend. Hope the LAST business trip was successful and now you can do some real relaxing. Love you to bits!