Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Trick or Treat

What a fun Halloween! I took the day off because my mom and dad were in town and I had a lot of fun doing the mom thang all day (with the help of grammie!) Here's my day:

  • 7:00 up and at'em - get R and T dressed and breakfasted
  • 8:00 send R off to the bus (with costume in backpack)
  • 8:30 leave to take T to preschool
  • 9:00 to the grocery store to get eggs
  • 9:30 bake two batches of brownies with newly purchased eggs
  • 11:15 pick up T from preschool
  • 12:00 make lunch for mom, dad, T, and M
  • 1:30 go to R's school (with newly baked brownies) to do the room-mother thing (Grammie went to) -- Halloween bingo, costume parade for the whole school, and a party with many sugar-laden treats
  • 3:40 Take R to the doctor for his annual check-up (I know, I know, M made the appointment on Halloween)
  • 5:00 Go home and make two boxes of mac n cheese for kids' dinner to go with M's homemade and delicious chili
  • 5:15 the H's arrive for chili and trick or treating (they live in the country and have no homes near by to go to for trick or treating)
  • 5:45 Get kids in their costumes and apply appropriate make up
  • 6:00 trick or treating around the neighborhood (grammie and papa stayed home to give out candy)
  • 7:00 Back home where the kids got to eat two pieces of candy each
  • 7:30 H's go home
  • 8:00 Kids in bed
  • 8:30 three games of Pegs and Jokers (a perfect ending for a busy, but fun day!)

T loved his dog costume. He was also a dog last year, but wanted to be a different dog this year. He's a golden retriever, just like Mackinaw (he even let people call him Mackinaw for that one night.)

R LOVED being a vampire. He got to wear this costume three times this "season." He was especially excited to use the "real" fake blood on Halloween night (the other two times we used a red make up crayon for the blood.) The "real" fake blood was drippy and never dried -- he loved it!


v-party of five said...

Wheweee!!! I'm tired after reading such a busy day. Sounds like tons of fun though. J's comment regarding R... Wow.. they made him that good?? Our C was Count Dracula too but he wasn't that good.. Hee hee. That blood looks awesome. T looks so warm and cuddly, I just wanna squeeze him if he'd let me :)

A.J. said...

That vampire picture actually scared me! And that little dog, yes, I want to pet him too. So sweet!
Great to have those pics for when the boys grow up, they will be able to remember their costumes. I just asked Rick the other night what he could remember of the Halloweens of his youth. What were his costumes? He could not remember any of them!
We in our family had a trunk of costumes in the garage. One of the standards was dressing up as a gypsy. I wonder the history of that trunk? Any of you remember it?

gramonthelake said...

How much is that doggie in the window? Very cute make-up job mom.
R was so scary looking I'm happy I didn't have him knocking at my door on Halloween. Bet it was x-tra special to have your folks there with you. MUST PLAY PEGS & JOKERS SOON, at high risk of forgetting how to play!

GreatAuntieP said...

What a cute little doggie T makes, I would love to pet that little dog. R looks very scary indeed! Vampires always scare me.I remember being a gypsy or a pirate or a hobo every year, but I don't remember a trunk in the garage. The biggest scare was going to Pansy's house to trick or treat! Yikes!!!Does anyone remember what Pansy gave us? Poison apples?? Hee Hee!