Monday, June 20, 2005

Weekend by the Lake

Except for being sick, it was a really fun weekend. I was sick with a flu or a really bad cold or something. It kicked my butt. None of the drugs worked well, so I couldn't breathe through my nose for four days. (M said that I was quite a trooper and thanked me for hanging in there.) Finally I can today, but my throat still hurts and I have absolutely no energy. Enough about me, here's what happened over the weekend.

We went camping. It was the first time this season that we went camping. We took "The Duck" out of storage (named because of the picture of the duck on the side of our tent-trailer.) M's mom has always wanted to go camping, so we invited them to go with us. It was definitely cozy in the Duck. As my grandpa used to say, it sleeps six, but walks one. Everybody had a good time. I was feeling super lousy on Saturday, so gramma, grampa, M, and the kids went for a tour of the submarine that is a museam near where we were camped. They also ran across a Father's day picnic in town with free hot dogs, cotton candy, a jumpy and other games. I got a good four hour nap and they had a great time.

We also brought along our bikes. M and his dad took the boys for a ride (T in the bike trailer and R on the extend-a-bike behind M). M also took his mom for a ride and they had a really nice time. I had some energy on Saturday afternoon and we walked the block to the lake where I sat on my behind and the boys and M played in the lake (Grampa slept on the beach, snoring away!). It was an hour of splashing in the lake, building sandcastles, and collecting sea shells (including olives, my favorite shells that I used to collect in Santa Barbara).

Of course we had campfires each night, and even one on Saturday morning. We roasted hot dogs, roasted marshmellows, made s'mores, and had a nice time by the campfire. I think it was a good first camping experience for M's mom. The kids had a great time -- R wants to live at the campground, T missed his home but said that he had a really good time.

We're also going camping next weekend. Hopefully we'll all be healthy and we'll all enjoy it.


Tonight while T was helping my dead-head our flowers said out of the blue, "Mom wouldn't it be great if we built a lazy river in our back yard?" I don't know where he learned the term "lazy river" (or wazy river as he says) but it sure was cute. After I told him that unfortunately we couldn't build a lazy river in the backyard, he proceeded to tell me exactly how we could. It involved an endloader, dumptruck full of water, and lots of pretty river rocks. Sounded nice.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Now you need to learn the song "Up a Lazy River" to sing to the boys at bedtime. . . or is it Up A Wazy River? Isn't he just a real kick? Where did he learn that term . . . must be in a book or on a Thomas The Train Engine DVD. Do you mean Gramma has never been camping in her whole life? "That's not right!" Unbelievable! I would love to have been a fly on the wall inside that duck about 2 a.m. Saturday morning! Glad you all had fun!

Middle America Mom said...

If you were a little fly on the wall at 2:00 AM I bet you'd have heard a bunch of snoring, me turning over, trying to get comfy and trying to breathe....oh, and if it was about three hours later, you might have heard one of the boys wetting the bed (we forgot to trek to the bathroom before bedtime!)

GreatAuntieP said...

I'll betcha T heard that song somewhere and remembered. Where else could that have come from?? He is so creative, that little guy!! It is a great idea! If not a river, maybe a little pond. What do you think??