Saturday, June 11, 2005

Hot Day at the Park

We were playing at the park today and R climbed up really high on one of those metal monkey bar things shaped in an upside down U. Those kind that you climb up to the top, carefully turn around so that you can climb down the other side backwards (otherwise you'd be heading down head first) -- you know the kind I mean? -- R calls them the Rainbow Bars.

ANYWAY, R had a tough time at the critical turn-your-body-around part at the top. So, he asked me to help him and I did. He said that his tummy felt funny from the Rainbow Bars. Then he said he had to go poop. There was a portapotty on the other side of the baseball field at the park, so we trekked over to it. Luckily it was open and it didn't stink. R went poop and Tom did too. When we headed back, R said that his tummy hurt still and came to sit with me on the bench while T played on.

Quote of the day: After R sat down next to me..."Mom, I think my tummy hurts from the combination of the tricky Rainbow Bars and the blistering hot day."

Never fear, within five minutes he was fine, running and jumping again.


AJ said...

just trying to get in here, testing!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Were there any blisters to show for the "blistering hot day!" I love the thought process of my grandsons! What bravery too! Don't think I'd even try the rainbow bars. How did you ever help him?

Middle America Mom said...

It *was* difficult to help him! I stood on my tippy, tippy toes and my fingertips pushed his little bottom up and around. I figured that if he fell, I'd at least be able to catch him at some point!