Monday, June 06, 2005

Fun Visit with AJ

AJ was here for a nice, but too short, visit. We sure miss her! We used to live only about an hour away from her and sure got used to seeing her a lot. Anyway, she was here for four days and we really enjoyed her company -- M and I agreed that she's an easy guest to have over. The boys had a blast with her. Some highlights:
  • Long walks with T and meeting the neighborhood cat who walked with them for blocks
  • Exploring the wilds of Africa at the zoo
  • Seeing a movie with AJ sitting in between the boys
  • Harmonizing with me on "You are my sunshine" at bedtime -- it must have been good because both boys requested it (you could say that we had an encore!)
  • Sitting in the red adirondack chairs and watching T play on the swings
  • AJ spending an hour grooming Mackinaw (the dog definitely enjoyed AJ's affection!)
  • Drinking vodka tonics with LOTS of lime at cocktail hour
  • Listening to R explain in great detail how an airplane works (or paper airplane, in this case)
  • Watching the very big storm roll through and feeling the temperature drop from 95 to 70 in a half an hour

We're sad to see her go, but we have a lot of good memories to add to our memory banks. R told me that he felt "sad to see AJ walk into the terminal becuase she's the funnest aunt that has ever visted us in our new home."


I'm going on a three night business trip -- be back Friday night. I made a calendar for R and T to mark with stickers the number of nights I'll be gone. I hate being gone more than two nights...three nights away is so much harder on the family than two nights. Well, at least I haven't had to travel much in this job!

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CaliforniaGrammy said...

AJ has always been the best aunt! And now she's the best Great Auntie! Go Jackie! What a fun four days for all. I would have loved to experience that storm!