Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I've Never Heard the Words "Texas" and "Uvula" in the Same Sentence Before

Last night I was lamenting on how I still felt rotten after being sick for five days. Even though my sinuses were clearing up (and my mucus changed to a much nicer color from the grey-green it had been for two days), I still felt like Crap! And my throat hurt *really* bad. I knew that my throat hurt all along and I know that my glands were swollen and nearly popping out of my neck on Saturday, but my main complaint was never my throat. It was my mucas-head that wouldn't drain or dry up or explode (which seemed like it would make it feel better if it did explode.) I also had no energy and no appetite (as I have lacked for five days, which by the way, is good for the diet, but not good for providing any said energy.)

ANYWAY, I found a flashlight and asked M to look at my throat. I could tell by looking in the mirror that it was quite pink, but I couldn't see much past my tongue. While looking in my mouth with R's camping flashlight, he exclaimed, " You've got a white spot the size and shape of Texas on your uvula. I think you've got strepp." Texas on my uvula? Well, I grabbed the flashlight and went to the bathroom mirror, shined the light in my mouth, said "ahh" and discovered that the man was right! There was a white Texas on my uvula that took up about two-thirds of the uvula. Hmmmm....

I went to the doctor this morning and learned that it's not strepp, but a "doozy of a throat infection." I'm not sure if they learn "doozy" in medical school, but I knew what he meant. I left with a perscription for antibiotics in my hand and orders to stay home as long as my fever was above 99 (it was 99.9 at the doctor's office.) The boys got to have me home again today (I left work at 11:30 yesterday), even if I spent the whole time lounging on the couch. Oh wait, I did make it out to the red adirondack chairs at some point today :> They make me happy.

I am feeling much better and actually made dinner tonight (pesto chicken on the grill and a salad).


CaliforniaGrammy said...

"Texas on My Uvula' - now that sounds like the makin's of a new Country Western song! So sorry to hear that news. Maybe that's why you didn't answer the phone this morning at work! I'll try you at home!

GreatAuntieP said...

Texas on ones Uvula does sound pretty outstanding and seems that something special could come from it some day. That Pesto chicken sounds pretty exciting, I'd like to see that recipe S. I have a good one for Parmesan Chicken that I'd exchange for the Pesto.