Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Poem

The boys baked a frittata using a recipe that they found in R's Star Wars cook book. They were so cute, working together. They didn't need any help from M or me. They're growing up so fast!

We're going to see a BNL concert this week, which is my mother's day gift and M's father's day gift. They boys get to go with us - luckys!

T wrote this at school for me for Mother's Day:

M most pretty
O outstanding in every way
T talented at everything
H honestly fun
E exciting
R really cool
S smart

D de best (you gotta love his creativity on this one!)
A awesome
Y you are great!


jennavar said...

What a wonderful way to start your Mother's Day. They are growing up so fast. I'm glad they like their Star Wars cookbook.

Have a wonderful time at the BNL concert. I know you all really enjoy them. That will make a really fun family memory.

What an awesome poem T. I love "De Best" Too cute!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Oh my goodness ... "de best" just cracks us up! Hilarious! And I bet you are one of only a few moms around the world who were treated to a Star Wars Frittata, I mean - really - that's gotta be a rare treat!

Aunt Patty said...

So this only goes to prove that you reap what you sow, and you've sowed a lot of cooking classes in the kitchen with those two brilliant boys. I do not know who BNL is, could you give me some insight? That creative Tommy is at it again, great acronym, especially "de best". Wouldn't you call that poetic license or something like that?