Thursday, May 27, 2010

Poetry Slam Finalist - The Poem

Here's the poem that R recited at his Poetry Slam, in which he was a finalist.

Iron Chef America

Iron Chef America,
You really can't be serious
The secret ingredient isn't sooo mysterious.

Iron Chef America,
I really don't care
For the Chairman's flipping out
In his sleek black wear.

Iron Chef America,
It's really kind of freaky
How all of your judges
Are all so food-geeky.

Iron Chef America,
What's wrong with this world?
You make cooking so bizarre, twisted, and swirled.

Although he makes fun of this show, it's one that he really likes. He even records it each week. He loves the competition and the interesting dishes. (He does think, however, that the Chairman is a bit dramatic...and he can't believe that there are so many non-chef, cooking experts in the world to judge.) If you've never watched Iron Chef, you should check it out....and think of R.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Way to go, Riley! Maybe you should become a judge some day, I think you'd be just as qualified as some of the judges on that show. It's one of our favorites too. I love to watch the chefs scurrying around the kitchen.

jennavar said...

Oh man. What a great poem. I wish I could have watched you recite it. Way to go being a finalist. It has been awhile since I watched that show. I'll have to check it out and think of you and your poem.

A.J. said...

I loved the poem, and what a talent our R has to write such a poem. Congratulations on being a finalist and and the opportunity to recite it!

So I TiVoed the show and watched it recently. What a show. The mystery ingredient was cauliflower. It's just amazing what those talented chefs can throw together in one hour. But it makes me too nervous and edgy to watch the rushing. I would love to eat those dishes. And I love cauliflower.

Aunt Patty said...

I also recorded Iron Chef and found the competition pretty fierce. So much going on, so many cooks on each team, the pace so serious and ferocious. It is pretty exciting to watch and I can see why folks like it. I thought about R the whole time I watched it. I'm so happy for him that he was a finalist is this Poetry Slam. It was such a great poem! I want to let him know about "Chopped", another cooking show that's one of our very favorites. They choose 4 chefs who cook 3 rounds, an appetizer, entree, and dessert. They "chop" (eliminate) one chef each round and end up with one winner who wins 10,000.00. It's pretty intense and exciting also.

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