Friday, March 05, 2010

Blue and Gold 2010

Last Sunday was the Blue and Gold dinner for our Cub Scout pack. This is held every February to celebrate the birthday of Boy Scouts in the USA. We also give awards to the boys who have earned them and "cross over" our older boys to be Boy Scouts (from Cub Scouts.) This was a big day for boy R and T, especially for R because he got some very special awards.

Gramma and Grampa Smith drove in, as did Uncle D, Uncle D, and Aunt J.

R called the color guard, but I couldn't get a good picture of him. Here are the boys in his den saluting the flag.
T also got some awards -- silver arrow points, his bear badge, and six belt loops. We're so proud of him!

R was one of three (very serious) boys who got a very special award. It's called the Super Achiever award and is given to Webelos who have earned all 20 Webelos pins. What an achievement -- one that took them two years to complete.

R also received an award that has not been given out in over a decade in our pack -- simply because no boy had ever earned it. It's called the God and Me award. R worked with our pastor and had weekly homework over the first semester this year. That's Pastor Matt giving him the award. It's pretty cool and looks like a medal. R also gets to wear a special patch on his Boy Scout uniform and as an adult (if he helps out in scouting when he grows up) signifying his hard work.
During the Arrow of Light ceremony, moms and dad were asked to stand behind thier Webelos. That's the top of my head that you can see behind ever-growing R. Notice that neat wood Arrow of Light candle holder? M made that a couple of days before the ceremony. He's handy with wood like that!

Then the cross-over ceremony began. M asked the Boys Scouts to do the full-blown Native American ceremony. The Boy Scouts walked in to drums - it was cool. They then put blue and gold "war paint" on each boy. The blue is for virtue and the blue sky and the gold was for the sun, warmth, and loyalty.

Then R waited his turn on the bridge to cross over.

On the other side of the bridge were the Boy Scout adult leaders, ready to give him the Boy Scout neckerchief and the Boy Scout handbook. Conrats big guy! We're so proud of you!


A.J. said...

What great boys. They sure are growing up. We're so proud too!

BeBopGrammie said...

Scouting is such a great foundation for life, I am happy and proud to see both or all three of your guys so involved and serious about their achievements. Way to go to the whole family.

Aunt Patty said...

Congratulations to both of you boys, I am a very proud great aunt! I like the way they take it seriously, and it's so good to have a dad that is soooo involved in such a great organization like scouts. What character building stuff!!

jennavar said...

Ahhh.. I somehow missed that this post was written. What a very proud moment. Such hard work and dedication went into that moment. Great job to both of you. I'm very proud of you.

Sidenote: SSR.. I'm thinking maybe 6 mos. and he will be even steven in height with you :)

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Oh wow! I can't believe I'm so late in seeing this post. But I am delighted to finally see pictures from the boys big day. How so proud we are of both boys. Scouting is such a cool organization teaching boys great values as they grow up to become young men. And we're proud of all the time and work M puts into scouting, not only for our grandsons, but for all the boys whose lives he touches. And of course SS goes the extra mile in all the support and hard work she gives M and the entire troop. We love you all!

Aunt Patty said...

One more thing! Very nice picture of Grandma and Grandpa Smith. They are a very handsome couple.